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Women Leaders – A New Model of Leadership

Let’s Follow a New Model

Every year, the International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the value that women bring to leadership and performance in business. It is time we start to pay attention to the strong evidence and business case rationale of the need for more women in executive positions. In organisations where women are appointed to leadership roles, the profitability and the long-term value creation that they bring to the company increase by as much as 21% and 27% respectively (Click here to the article).

In March 2019, Christine Lagarde, current International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director, said in an interview with The Guardian that ‘countries could expand their economies by as much 35% if they reject discriminatory laws and embrace more skills that women have to offer’ (Click here to the article).

Closer to home, women like Sophie Walker (former leader of the Women’s Equality Party (WE)) have reflected on the nature of leadership and how often women follow old models that do not allow them to express their voice. Leaving behind the Westminster model of party organisation and leadership, Ms. Walker has resigned as leader of the WE Party to create a more distributed/collective model of leadership that puts collaboration at its heart, giving a new direction to this movement (Click here to the article).

We don’t need one man, we need a movement.

We have got to get some new voices into politics, create systems that allow women to breathe.

– Sophie Walker –

Women are tested every day in their leadership roles and often must break free from gender bias where they struggle to get their voice heard. Too often, they get side-lined, their ideas dismissed, or their words re-explained. It is time for a new model of leadership that champions other women to reach higher roles in business.

So, how to increase the numbers of women in leadership roles in business and public life and how to respond to the types of behaviour that blight our working lives? Do you know what it is like being on the receiving end of you? How can you bring your voice to your work, so that you can look, feel and sound like you mean it?

We have many versions of ourselves, depending on who we are talking to, the situation and content of what we are saying. Being flexible is key to how we come across while maintaining our authenticity. By accessing natural authority and developing key skills that enhance the sense of self in front of others we can bring the best versions of ourselves to work.

In a programme scheduled for June, 28th 2019, Mission Performance will focus on what are the aspects that help women to move into positions of leadership and influence. Working in very practical ways on voice, body language, breath, stance and energy, we will explore confidence. We will practice scenarios and provide feedback in order to understand our impact and make small but significant changes to improve the way others perceive us as leaders.

Working with our communication team and led by Amanda Wilsher and Clare Plested you will explore what it takes to lead with more confidence and consistency.

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