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The Team Management Profile (TMP)

The Team Management Profile is part of the comprehensive tool box that provides an integrated approach to personal, team and organisational performance offered by TMS Development International. This is a profiling tool based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS). The system and profiles were developed over 30 years of research around how people operate at work. The tool provides detailed personal and team profiling reports, which become the focal point for meaningful conversations aimed to improve personal and team performance. It also contributes to improve organisational performance by suggesting how to modify behaviours to get better outcomes from teams. We have been using this tool for nearly two decades to support our programmes and some of our expeditions, too.

What is this tool?

This tool provides an excellent graphical representation of team roles and preferences and one of the most comprehensive reports on the market. The teams’ data can be cut and presented in numerous ways. The tool provides feedback across 16 segments that relate to primary, secondary and tertiary team roles. Team’s personal profile shows how preferences are formed, how strong and stable they are and what it means for a person, their job and how works with others. When presented, team culture, strengths and gaps in capability can be instantly identified, discussed, facilitated and actioned.

Why and when do we use this tool?

Its detailed report, the options to cut the data and its utility to support ongoing discussions on team performance make it a very good tool for intact teams. The tool helps to:

  • Build high energy teams
  • Provide a researched model of team effectiveness
  • Demonstrate a unique perspective on
  • Personal preference and personal performance, mutual understanding and respect
  • It is multi-layered, multi-purpose
  • Focus on the real world of work by taking the guesswork out of teamwork
  • Improve communication and linking by using positive language focusing on strengths
  • Improve teams Reputation, Reliability, Results and allows a dynamic process

How The Team Management Profile administered?

Completion online where the reports can be accessed post workshop makes it easy to administer for dispersed teams. The tool is positioned to reveal team preferences and in doing so the Team’s collective EQ.

Enquire today for more information about using the Team Management Profile for your team.

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