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The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is used to accelerate relationship building and team cohesion

We love the Strength Deployment Inventory or the SDI and the philosophy of the man that created it. Elias H Porter’s philosophy of providing feedback that the individual could act upon with minimal external support was key for us embedding it in much of work over two decades.

“The more clearly the concepts in a personality theory approximate how one experiences oneself, the more effectively they serve as devices for self-discovery.”

Porter, E.H. (1973, 1996) Relationship Awareness Theory. Manual of Administration and Interpretation. Carlsbad, CA: Personal Strengths Publishing, Inc.

What is the SDI tool?

The tool has undergone considerable development over the last 5-10 years. The range of tools have all been digitised with a variety of ways to administer and access your reports and feedback online. We typically work with the SDI report that helps people understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviours when (1) things are going well and (2) when faced with conflict. We also use the Strengths and Overdone Strengths Portrait reports. The Strengths Portrait ranks how a person values and uses 28 unique strengths (or behaviours) to produce a picture of how they choose certain behaviours when working with people.

The Overdone Strengths Portrait ranks how frequently a person may overdo the 28 different strengths (our unique perspective on what most would call “weaknesses”). This provides insight into the costs of overdone strengths and reveals sources of preventable conflict.

Why and when this tool is used?

We use the SDI globally with all our clients. It is so versatile and can be delivered over a short period with incredible results. The measure of genius is being able to explain the complex, simply. In this respect Elias was indeed a genius. We have used the tools with expeditionary teams, executive boards, professional and amateur Ocean Yacht Racing teams, public and private sectors, airline pilots, cabin crew, supervisors, talent populations and many more.

If you want a valid, reliable and instantly applicable tool to improve relationships, levels of customers service and engagement, insights into leadership and to deconstruct conflict then this tool is for you.

How is it applied?

Administered online we invite participants to complete their inventories. We collate the feedback produce the reports and inject them into our programmes of development.

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Mission Performance delivered an exceptional leadership development programme for our top 50 senior managers. The programme looked at increasing our leader's self-awareness around their leadership and communication styles, and to challenge them in their thinking. The SDI was used as the underpinning tool throughout the development programme. The tool was incredibly powerful for our leaders and helped them to increase their self-awareness, and to understand the differences amongst the group, what motivates them and how they respond to a conflict situation. This was tested and reflected on in a number of experiential exercises that looked at teamwork in a range of challenging environments. Our leaders saw the SDI as an incredibly useful tool in which to understand themselves, their peers and the teams that they manage. The Mission Performance delivery team was led by Justin Featherstone and Matt Burgess. Both are fantastic facilitators and I would highly recommend them both. They were incredibly knowledgeable and credible facilitators in linking the best and latest leadership practice directly with the SDI. The SDI was delivered in a variety of ways including a range of immersive experiential exercises. All of the exercises were carefully designed to enable the Leadership team to explore further how people’s natural preferences, motivations and conflict styles influenced their thinking in the various tasks. Justin continuously ensured that the group reflected on their SDI style in the exercises and the learning that they had taken away. I would thoroughly recommend the Mission Performance team to deliver your leadership, team and communication objectives through the SDI. HR Excellence and Project Manager Rachel Straw, London Midland

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