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Neurocolor is a 21st century personality profiling tool that is built upon the latest Neuroscience research

What is this tool?

NeuroColor is rooted in the pioneering research conducted by Helen Fisher and her colleagues from 2010. It linked the science of personality (psychological/psychometric) with the architecture of the brain (physiological) Specifically the physiology of behaviour linked to hormones and neurotransmitters in the human brain.

Why and when this tool is used?

NeuroColor is the world’s first and only personality assessment created from a comprehensive examination of traits found in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies published in biological and neuroscience literature, and validated by statistical methods and MRI studies in internationally-respected scientific journals. This modern research base and its simple colour coded structure makes it very accessible and highly relevant to a 21st century audience.

We like it because it is easy to administer, the accompanying report is comprehensive, supports immediate application and it is based upon the latest neuroscience research. We use it to build new business project/pitch teams in professional services, support executive and non-executive boards of major financial organisations or to help global marketing teams tailor messages to specific customer segments. Given its origins in modern science it is the perfect tool to engage millennial leaders and team members working in the digital and technical economy.

How does the tool provide feedback?

There are four main systems and eight subsystems. Each person ‘s brain will have a different combination of each. The way how how they are wired and fire together informs behavioural and motivational preference. This combination provides the information about people build relationships, make decisions, organise themselves and process information. Each is coloured coded to aid retention. Here are the four systems:

  • Blue Serotonin – Cautious / Measured
  • Red Testosterone – Systems thinking
  • Yellow – Dopamine Inventive / Future orientated
  • Green – Estrogen/oxytocin – Contemplative / Contextual

Do you want to know more about the Neurocolor tool? Read the Blog article below.

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