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The ‘Dark Side’ of personality can often derail careers and limit team and organisational performance

The Hogan Development Survey identifies patterns of dysfunctional, interpersonal, leadership behaviour. For all of you Star Wars fans you may well be familiar with the Darkside. Whether they borrowed this phrase from Star Wars or not it represents the only tool to explore the darker sides to our personalities.

What is the Hogan Development Survey?

The HDS measures dark side personality characteristics, or derailers, along 11 primary scales. When you are stressed or in the grip you will be more likely to behave in a certain dysfunctional way the higher you score along each scale. The report will highlight these potential derailers and provide the agenda to begin mitigating and pre-empting your journey to the Darkside of your personality.

Why and when do we use this survey tool?

We deploy this tool to correct or pre-empt journeys to the Darkside that may derail careers and performance. The higher you rise in an organisation the more your dysfunctional behaviour impacts organisational performance and culture. We use the HDS survey to coach senior executives in one to one coaching engagements. We also raise awareness of Darkside behaviours to larger groups of leaders engaged on our leadership programmes.

How is the Hogan Development Survey applied?

Administered on-line reports are generated for insertion into one to one coaching engagements or as part of our Leadership/Talent programmes.

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