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CCI-Q is a model and methodology for building high-performance teams

High-performance teams have clarity, a well-developed culture and mature independent people that choose to work interdependently to get things done.

We recommend that when you conduct a team development programme you base line the performance of your team, set objectives around the gaps, work the gaps and then resurvey to assess progress. When we link sentiment and feedback to hard measures of performance we can demonstrate the ROI from working differently.

What is CCI-Q: Our evidence-based approach

Developed over two decades, the CCI-Q is an intuitive tool used to structure whole programmes of development to singular team building days. It distils high performance team work down to three linked components:

  • CLARITY – They have clarity of purpose manifested in clear roles, goals and expectations
  • CULTURE – They share a culture of mutual respect and understanding based upon a set of living values and practices.
  • INTERDEPENDENCE – They work interdependently to get things done

Why and When do we use this tool?

We use the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI™ model across our portfolio. It provides a simple structure to facilitate potentially complicated discussions about team performance. This structure facilitates and accelerates greater focus and understanding on team challenges and opportunities.

How is the CCI-Q applied?

Each component is analysed and worked in turn to raise awareness and ultimately behavioural change to close any gaps in capability. We add additional weight and focus through our online CCI-Q tool that enables us to capture feedback from the team on how they currently work together to inform future actions. The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete but enables us to focus attention on the specific behaviours and actions that might be holding the team back.

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