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Jessica Ross

Digital Marketing Apprentice

As a child, I was interested in nearly everything. However, that interest would last a matter of weeks before I got bored and wanted to do something else.  This included ballet, Irish dancing, gymnastics, you name it.  However, I found that dancing wasn’t my calling after throwing up on my teacher during class. With a collection of many dancing shoes, I turned to having a go at music. Playing the flute throughout my school life it was clear that music wasn’t my thing either. Which I would like to thank my parents for listening to a constant loop of an untuned version of hot cross buns.

At a young age, I joined the Army Cadet Force and this was where the fun began. This is where I developed a love for challenging myself and breaking people’s expectations of ‘being just a girl’.

As a cadet, I was rock climbing in Scotland to running around Longmoor with cam cream and a rifle beating most of the boys. There were endless opportunities and memories that were made with the ACF that I carry today. Cadets brought my confidence and taught me many life skills while meeting some incredible people on my journey. Over my five-year cadet career, I achieved many cadet qualifications such as Cross flags, JCIC, First Class Classification shoot, First aid and tonnes more. I represented my cadet company Nationally in athletics and swimming competitions. Reaching the rank of corporal, Mayor’s Cadet and senior cadet. My cadet career was brought to a close after five years.



In my spare time, I am a member of the Forest of Bere Bowmen, target archery club. As an amateur bowman, I practice with a recurve bow at least at 30 meters and I can still hit the target! If I’m not on the archery field I’m helping to restore a 1983 AA Recovery Series III Land Rover with my dad. After two years we are half way there!

I studied photography and graphics throughout college for over 3 years. Working with my photography around college I have assisted professional photographers on location and in the studio, with clients and professional models. I explore all types of photography such as portrait and landscape photography being my favourite along the south coast.

After completing a HNC in graphic design I decided to train in marketing to utilise my skills in graphic design and photography in a different manner and that is what brought me to the Mission Performance family. At Mission, I’m completing a marketing and social media apprenticeship as well as assisting with Projects as a project lead. After my apprenticeship, I hope to move into project management.

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