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Jamie Honeybourne

Jamie Honeybourne

Senior Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

Theatre Theatre

Jamie Honeybourne is a working TV and Film actor. His most recent acting assignments have included two of the UK’s favourite soap operas, strutting down a High Fashion catwalk for Mars Bars and stalking a 1970’s pop star for a TV Movie! As an actor, he has done everything from solving crime to committing crime, from being a superhero to being a super geek!

He is also an international Personal Impact and Communications Facilitator – he brings all of my knowledge, insight, energy and fun from the acting world to the business world. Recent training assignments have included teaching feedback skills and conflict conversation techniques on the Oil Rigs in the North Sea, delivering a Keynote on Status and Empowerment for International Admin Professionals Day in Texas, developing and delivering a Personal Impact Leadership programme for an International Oil & Gas Company and facilitating workshops in London, Paris, Australia, Malaysia and the USA.

Jamie Honeybourne firmly believes that life should be fun, enjoyable and inspiring. He understands that negative thinking is what keeps most people from doing their best and my coaching helps free my clients from all of the nerves and mental blocks which often get in our way and can stop us from being ‘ourselves’. He helps people to find their voice and communicate effectively and with credibility, internally and externally.

Jamie Honeybourne provides unique, memorable training sessions and deliver Keynotes in the areas of communication, presentation skills, inspirational leadership, teamwork and confidence. He creates safe, fun training environments where he helps individuals and teams discover what is special, unique, funny and powerful about themselves and make sure those elements are always present in all of their interactions – both at work and at home.

He lives on the North Yorkshire coast with my family and our Patterjack Terrier and my hobbies include people watching, home brewing, writing a popular lifestyle and career blog for actors and making vegetarian curries which will blow your socks off!

  • Expert in Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Personal Impact, Storytelling

  • Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Over 20 years as a professional screen actor

  • Over 10 years experience as a Facilitator and Coach

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