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Building positive relationships at PrivatAir


“PrivatAir is a comprehensive aviation group with four divisions delivering service excellence both in the air and on the ground, a combination that makes PrivatAir uniquely positioned to cover all the needs of the aviation business and the most demanding of travellers. We pride ourselves on offering not only a complete service, but one that embodies the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. In short, we aim to be: The Best in the Air and The Best on the Ground.”

PrivatAir is a company that trades on high levels of customer service for its business and first class passengers around the world. The distinguishing factor between airlines in this market is service quality. PrivatAir has an extremely high rating in providing excellent customer service to all of its international clients. However, not content to rest on it’s laurels, Privatair instructed Mission Performance to help them maintain and increase these levels as part of their recurrent training obligations defined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in addition to meeting its regulatory requirements to retrain its workforce annually on the latest safety and crew resource management (CRM) techniques.

Sample Business issues

  • Regulation training was seen as repetitive and uninspiring
  • The training whilst meeting its obligations under law did little to develop the unique personal skills of the delegates and their specific roles in the business

The solution

To build a refreshingly different programme designed to help each employee raise their levels of emotional intelligence in order to build even more positive relationships with their colleagues and passengers. In addition a programme that would complement the key aspects of their Crew Resource Management training. Essentially there were 8 desired outcomes:

  1. Possess greater insight into what motivates the people that you work with and lead
  2. Develop stronger relationships with the people you work with and lead
  3. Have a greater awareness of your preferred relating style and its impact upon the people that you work with and lead (Emotional Literacy)
  4. Develop your skills as a situational leader through the adoption of specific relating styles tailored to each specific scenario
  5. Understand the reasons behind conflict within individuals and teams
  6. Minimise conflict and interference for greater productivity
  7. Build and maintain better working relationships with your key stakeholders in the business
  8. Repair damaged relationships with key people in your network

Programme interventions

Mission Performance ran 2 workshops a month over 2 days for 12 months encompassing 500+ individuals employed by PrivatAir worldwide. Each workshop included cabin crew, in-flight directors, pilots, ground staff and headquarters staff. Programme Content:

Theoretical Input

  • The Mission Performance model of high performance teamwork CCI©
  • Relationship Theory & Building Trust in teams and relationships
  • Relationship Theory and the Strengths Deployment Inventory SDI©
  • Understanding and acting upon motivational diversity within your team
  • Managing Conflict and Under-performance within teams
  • Action planning & objective setting

Activated by

  • A First-hand account of leading teams under extreme circumstances. This inspirational account highlighted the importance of teamwork, self-awareness, decision making under pressure, continual improvement and the ability to go the extra mile.
  • Business scenarios and discussions
  • Personal action planning

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