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Why we use the Strength Deployment Inventory

Global Practitioners not Professors

Mission Performance has been delivering leadership and team development programmes for the past decade. Over the past decade they have delivered and continue to deliver in every continent of the world to every level of seniority. Increasingly their portfolio is delivered to talent communities within large organisations; international peer group leadership programmes; senior management and executive development programmes and a vast array of bespoke programmes that utilise a range of experiential learning techniques such as our CSR – Winning Hearts and Minds programme delivered globally.

As part of our approach to any training investment we would recommend the use of a tool like the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI). People generally speaking like to receive feedback on themselves. When this feedback is in a format that they can do something with and is designed to equip the person with all that they need to make the changes that they have identified, then this feedback becomes even more valuable.

Porter always talked about developing the SDI for the end user, making it simple to apply with minimal external expertise. This facilitates our belief that the learner or leader is central to the process of meaningful and lasting change. When leaders and learners take ownership for their own development and become self-sufficient they inspire others to follow; change then becomes an opportunity rather than a threat.

Applying the The Strength Deployment Inventory on a global level – Organisational wide application

Mission Performance embeds the SDI and its philosophy in many of the programmes it delivers for its clients. Working with a global brand we have utilised the SDI in every continent of the world. From first level leaders and managers through to regional sales managers the SDI has proven to be a very practical and insightful part of our portfolio. The common language and understanding that the SDI facilitates provides a perfect platform for a global audience to communicate across boundaries of language and preference. Before Mission Performance became involved these types of programs lacked this level of consistency and communication and understanding were less effective as a consequence.

Typically, these programs consist of anything between 1 to 5 days of face-to-face workshop delivery combined with telephone coaching, real-time action learning projects and all are proceeded by extensive pre-programme design. The results we have achieved have been very impressive. The nature of Mission’s delivery style demands that are facilitators utilise their first-hand experiences (Practitioners not Professors) in a real and impactful way with the audience. This is combined with a depth of practical experience that when combined with the SDI magnifies the results we achieve for each delegate, the team and the organisation as a whole.

When facilitating workshop groups with 15 different nationalities attending and where English is perhaps the second or third language the SDI provides the perfect common platform to discuss and build understanding about relationships, leadership and conflict. Given that mission now utilises the tool across every single part of the organisation globally and retention as a learning provider is based on referral and recommendation in addition to the hard results we achieve we are becoming an essential part of their service delivery globally. We are proud of the results we achieve with the SDI and will always look for new and innovative ways to apply it. Mission Performance continues to use the SDI as its tool of choice. We value the relationship we have with Simon and his team and will work hard to maintain the high standards set by Dr Elias H Porter.

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