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Performance Challenge Methodology Developed

Rob and Chris develop this methodology as a means to capture the crucible leadership and team experiences from their facilitators/leaders.

This methodology is still used to induct new people into the Mission Performance team.

We first used this method with William Carnegie and then Mark Denton. Mark’s session was memorable not least because it happened on 09/11. Through a series of interviews, we capture the essence of their stories and turn them into a series of interactive modules that can be used to bring to life specific theories and models covered on our programmes. We used this approach extensively on large events with our clients in the 00’s and Mark Denton borrowed it to develop an interactive DVD for BP to train their first level leaders.

This scenario-based discussion method is a great way to make the learning stick. By introducing a real scenario in which we place the delegates to make an informed decision supports discussion and the retention of knowledge. It also enables us to place delegates in a neutral and unfamiliar environment and apply general principles and their values to make more informed decisions on their leadership practice.

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