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CSR Project in Chennai with RBS

CSR for Senior Executive Team Development: India – Encouraging Social Enterprise and rebuilding self-respect for widows in poor rural communities

Mission was asked by a global executive team to identify and work with a local charity in Chennai to support the development of a social enterprise project within the local Rotary Club of Madras (Chennai).

The project focused upon the refurbishment of a space into a shop that would have two uses. The first as a going commercial concern and the second as a training resource to teach jobless young women how to run a business and retail outlet to restore their self-respect and independence. Working in 40 degrees of heat and pre-monsoon humidity a team of 14 turned an empty redundant space into a shop capable of serving the twenty-five thousand young students that walk past the shop front twice a day!

We spoke with the team before the programme to understand their objectives and expectations for the programme and how they might develop greater levels of understanding and performance as one senior team, working globally. The build day was preceded by a session on the Strength Deployment Inventory and Mission’s high-performance team working model entitled CCI. This session focused on accelerating interpersonal understanding and the development of even greater team cohesion and understanding.


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