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CSR for Operational Team Development: Encouraging Outdoor Learning and Social Interaction

Following on from the success of the Hounslow Heath build, plans were put in place to utilise the Story Circle concept to develop our client’s operational teams throughout the UK.

Six separate story circle builds partnering with six separate primary schools formed the basis of the plan. Teams drawn from across the business and located in each operational centre around the UK would work together over one day to build a story circle for each respective primary school. The second day would involve reflecting on the experience and crystallising the lessons both personal and team for action back in the workplace.

Before each build, teams were invited to complete a psychometric profile using the Strength Deployment Inventory and were asked to complete a series of questions that would help shape the nature and focus for the day. Specifically, the areas of greatest need set against the teams’ objective to become a higher performing team.

Once the primary school partners were found the building of six separate story circles took place.

‘As a team, we benefited immensely… and will put our learnings into action quite easily, I feel.’ 

Story circles were built in Essex, West London, Norfolk, Coventry, Glasgow and Sheffield.

I enjoyed both days for different reasons and the composition of the two days was perfect in terms of getting on and delivering something whilst also taking the time to consider or own styles and group interaction in a theoretical and practical way. I found day 2 to be very insightful and intend to try one or two different approaches in the future, especially during conflict if I can see past the red mist.

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