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Clipper Round the World Partnership

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race selects Mission Performance as learning and Development Partner. Mission Performance also sponsors a Clipper Yacht.

Rob Lewis explains the nature of the relationship

Learning from experience

The Clipper Round the World race provides the perfect vehicle to study all aspects of human performance. As a former Royal Marine, I understand the importance of training and preparation in operating effectively in extreme environments.

When I and fellow Founding Director and Royal Marine, Christiaan Mcleod, set up Mission Performance more than a decade ago we wanted to inject this excitement and passion into a successful business that enabled people and teams to challenge themselves beyond the ordinary in whatever business they were part of.

As Clipper’s preferred Learning and Development partner Mission Performance will take the experiences and lessons of Ocean Racing and turn them into training modules for leaders, teams and organisations. These modules can be accessed through membership of the Learning and Development forum.

Clipper recognises the importance of ‘training hard to sail easy’ and by partnering with Mission Performance we will be able to offer the same race training ethos and discipline to business leaders and teams.

As William puts it:

We selected Mission for their passion, specialist experience and track record. They have the ability to capture the lessons from our portfolio of ocean races and turn them into dynamic programmes that benefit entire organisations. This will not only add additional value to our sponsors, crew and corporate events customers but also create new opportunities with businesses seeking an edge in today’s challenging competitive environment.


Mission Performance’s relationship with off-shore sailing started when we began working with some of the BT Global Challenge skippers and crews for the 2000 and 2004 races. Since then we have widened the scope of experiences and have taken part in and won two races to the Magnetic North Pole and subsequently trained others to ‘survive to race’ in the high Arctic.


As the business has grown we have attracted a huge variety of people with a wide variety of experiences including ocean rowers, ocean racers, decorated military officers, commercial pilots, professional rugby players, mountaineers, actors and theatre directors. All combine a great story, with the humility to share their lessons with others. The first test when joining us is their ability to share a great story of leadership and to then demonstrate how the learning they took from it has shaped their leadership practice.

These interactive first-hand experiences have been used to underpin all of our global programmes from organisational culture change to leadership development. All programmes combine the first-hand experiences of the practitioner, with leading intellectual property, psychometric tools and robust diagnostic surveys.

We are proud to be working alongside William and Robin as their Learning and Development partner. Our mission is clear,

To take the lessons of the race to a wider market in order to support the long-term objectives of Clipper Ventures PLC

We will achieve this by creating a series of products and services that will support the achievement of your business objectives.  The Learning and Development forum will develop the performance curriculum for the race and will invite membership from those people and organisations that recognise the power of the Clipper Racing experience to challenge and inspire great things in others.

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