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Using business as a force for good.

We enable people and organisations to reach their true potential. Increasingly we are helping our clients to create safe and efficient operating environments with a focus on culture change led and championed by senior leaders.​ Which is why we aspired to join the B Corp community and were thrilled to receive our B Corp accreditation in 2021. The B Corporation movement is a network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet.

​Following accreditation in 2021, we made immediate changes to how we operate as a business, investing in new capabilities and delivery methods and supporting local communities. ​

​For 2024+ we aim to monitor our environmental impact more actively, develop our Governance structures and progress work with our local communities.  ​Because of our B Corporation status, our long-term purpose has shifted to creating a business that lives long beyond us and that is run by people that are aligned with its ethos and values.” We know that sustainability is a need for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.

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Mission Investment.

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MI originated from a long Mission Performance history of investing directly in global and local community projects. 

Over two decades, we have invested directly in community projects and linked them to specific corporate programs we have designed and delivered.

Mission Performance Context:

Our B Corporation assessment highlighted the environmental impact we were having through our business activity.  

We calculated that 98% of our carbon emissions came from long-haul flights servicing our global client base. Whilst we deliver as much of our services online, there is still a need to ‘get in room’ to practice specific skills and behaviours. We had to act and balance our profit with our impact on the planet. 

We had to think like a  B Corp and identify creative ways to mitigate our emissions. 

B Corporation encourages you to be ‘Business Honest and Transparent’ and combine People-Profit & Planet into your daily operations. Armed with this guidance, we began researching existing methods to reduce our impact. 

Carbon offset was an obvious route to take. So we researched it and discovered a mixed picture of how authentic, indirect and ineffective some of these carbon offsetting and verification schemes were. 

We had to think creatively and use some principles we learned on previous environmental and socially responsible projects. 

In particular, One Week in June was a pioneering global volunteering project that developed four levels of leadership talent across 47 countries over One Week in June.  

We had to think like a B Corp and demonstrate leadership by pioneering a more connected and transparent approach to our carbon-offsetting ambitions.  

Planting Trees

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