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UBS engage Mission Performance for APAC Hedge Fund COO’s conference in Hong Kong

Communications Workshops

At the end of October, Matt Burgess Senior Consultant at Mission Performance was invited to attend the UBS APAC Hedge Fund Leaders Conference in Hong Kong and deliver two sessions on ‘Leading in a VUCA environment’ and the leadership communication lessons from the Clipper Round the World Yacht race. Attending the workshops were COO’s, Leaders and Managers of Hedge funds. The workshops delivered practical and applicable communication insights that enable great leaders to repeatedly inspire and create a culture that encourages and creates the environment for high performance to flourish.

"Excellent workshop! So insightful, really helpful and learnt so much. Thank you!"

Matt was part of the design and delivery team for the ‘Leadership Development’ programme targeted at the race skippers of the 2015/16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. A race that mirrors the precise challenges faced by leaders in business. With the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that characterises modern-day operations, leaders can at least control the way they communicate with their people. This was the focus of this short but impactful session. Matt drew upon the Clipper Race research findings of the 2013/14 race and the experiences of the 2015/16 skippers to deliver what we call ‘Leadership Communications’. A programme designed to link a leader’s communication with the reciprocal culture it helps to define.

He combined his experiences as a professional actor and coach with the insights from the wider Mission Performance portfolio (lessons from elite sport, the Military, expeditionary leadership and business) plus insights from the FBI to enable top leaders to reflect on the simple changes that can be made to their communication styles that will have a direct bearing on the culture they help create. For senior leaders that are time poor, it is important to make time to reflect upon the much-overlooked basics of relationship building and communication.

Leadership Communications can be delivered to audiences of 1 to 100’s in a variety of formats from 1/2 day seminars to 1-hour masterclasses or as an integrated development programme over a sustained period of time.

For more details on how we can augment an existing programme or create a new bespoke programme tailored to your needs contact us.

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