In most business interactions, the pressure is on. We are being judged or we feel like we are being judged, so it’s easy to let that pressure get to you and then you don’t come across as authentic and your nerves can easily kick in.

Here are Six ways you can practice increasing your power and status. Using these techniques, you can begin your path to self-confidence and power. Remember being powerful is not about intimidation and overconfidence, it is about relaxation and finding your own strength.


Breathing into the belly, or a low breath is the foundation of your power. It not only gives you the air you need to deliver your message with controlled power, pace and pitch, it will also help to steady your nerves.


Broaden your chest and back, relax your shoulders, soften your knee joints and let your weight sink through your feet as if they have roots growing from them down into the earth. Stand at your full height, lengthen your neck and let your head float up. This power posture pose will increase your status and make you both look and feel more confident.

Eye Contact

No one likes shifty eyes, or people who don’t hold eye contact. Make eye contact with everyone the moment you enter a room. Spread your eye contact around a group when delivering a presentation or pitch, be inclusive and hold their attention. When you are speaking in a one on one situation maintain their eye contact, don’t let your eyes wander – with this level of eye contact it is vital that you remember to smile as this will make you non-threatening.


Expand your vocal range. This will make you more engaging by varying your pitch. Remember to breathe, allowing you to add pauses, to emphasise words and phrases. Vary your pace. Keep your jaw relaxed and your throat open, tight vocal muscles can constrict your voice.


The body mimics the direction of your clothes, so whilst it is important for you to feel comfortable and appropriate remember that slouchy clothes can make your body relax and crumple, whilst tailored clothes will help you to maintain an upright powerful posture.


Make sure your message reaches everyone by tailoring your message for all the people in the room. Remember that all people tend to fall into one of four personality and communication styles.

Expressive People – want to know the big picture

Direct people – want to know the results

Amiable people – want to be able to trust in your ability

Analytical people – want a logical method for action.

Remember to cater for them all and you will be onto a winner!

Article by Jamie Honeybourne

Written by
Jamie Honeybourne

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