The last blog I wrote looked at how we designed our ‘Covid recovery’ delivery as we all went through a time of massive change. At its heart were online modules that reflected the essence of whatMission Performance achieved in the room, with a structure that enabled learners to develop whilst on their journey.  

These concepts were great in principle, but like much change we needed support to enable us to reach our objectives.  

One of the things that was inspired me about working in the way that we did pre-pandemic was that as a communication facilitator I was never reliant on a huge number of resources and materials to deliver in room training. I would travel to the other side of the World and enter a room knowing that as long as there was a flipchart and space to work, we were good to go. This was always like a badge of honour.   

I’m not saying that this approach was wrong – on the contrary (and more of this later) but the journey we have taken virtually and stretching the pace of learning has meant that technology has altered the way both we can deliver material and learners can experience it. 

After a large amount of research, we partnered with Promote International who provided us with a learning platform that would offer further change to our delivery. We selected promote over several other providers due to its simplicity, its underpinning learning philosophy and value for money.  

From the learners view the platform has a couple of essential functions that can enhance their experience. Firstly, it is a place where on the job tasks that link modules can be positioned. These tasks are designed to ensure that the learning is immediately practiced, practised and refined with feedback over the course of the journey.  

The second function is arguably important: the platform creates a social interactive learning space where learners can share experience, post feedback, give examples and when necessary complete tasks. My personal experience of having been on a program that leveraged this technique is that it becomes almost slightly addictive – a small amount of gamification, along with the responsibility of having an invested stakeholder, builds commitment and a desire to keep up with the Jones’…. 

A further advantage of working alongside the platform is that it enables self-paced learning, where learners are encouraged to move through schedule programs at their own pace but mandates that they converge on group calls to share experience and gain additional insight. This journey may take between 3 to 6 months, but that space the learners are often allows techniques, strategies, and tools to embed and become part of the day-to-day way of working.  

By adding to this the layers at whichMission excel – for instance one-to-one coaching and focused communication feedback, the impact we are seeing on groups of leaders is excellent.  

So, let’s return to pre-pandemic days, when we would fly to say Mexico City and deliver a three-day training with just flipchart and pens. Are those days over? No, not necessarily. There is still a place for this – we know the transformational impact that working face-to-face with people and creating the audience environment that perhaps presenters face, can have. What we do have now is an alternative and a way of working that can enhance that in-room experience further.  

We are currently for instance, talking to a potential new client about communications outcomes they need to achieve. 2 years ago, we would have possibly suggested a couple of focused in-room days of experience, where learners would be challenged, given feedback, coaching and anew set of applicable skills. Now, we can stretch that experience and build a programme that incorporates the best of in-room and virtual learning, supported by a platform that encourages sharing of experience, in-role practice, and time to reflect.  

Change isn’t necessarily fun, or easy. But our experience has been that it can introduce new perspective and that enhances what you already know well.   

Written by
Matt Burgess

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