Within a month of the initial UK Gov mandated “Stay at Home” lockdown in March 2020, many of our clients with roles in Learning, HR or Operations were struggling with the sheer weight of online video “coaching calls. “


Team leaders and Senior Managers were also faced with a new reality of spending all day Zooming, one to one with colleagues. As the weeks turned into months the enormity of the pandemic loomed large and effected every aspect of our lives. Working from home – entirely online became the new norm and as a training consultancy, used to delivering high impact and experiential face to face learning solutions – we had to adapt in order to survive.


So, whilst always remembering our “calm on the net” mantra, it became clear that as a team we had a lot to offer. In fact, in many ways, the sudden “perfect storm” of the pandemic matched our skill set as resilient leaders with challenging environment experience perfectly.


Our ex-military Leadership team were trained to operate in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environments and shared a deep, hard fought personal resilience. A quality we are all aware of now.


Our aviators understood the importance of Situational Awareness and how Human Factors, if ignored and especially in a pandemic can impact dangerously on operations.


However, our ace, our magic ingredient, was our team of Communications Coaches, who are all professionally trained on screen communicators.


I remember a highly respected and highly decorated Royal Marines Brigadier saying to his officers, “Don’t rush to your death!” He meant when you’re up against it, stand back, take a deep breath, be “cool on the net” and allow yourselves a little time to reflect on the situation. Then make a decision.


In doing just that, we realised the potential of what we could offer our clients. The only missing link for us was to consolidate and align our broad and impressive range of personal experience around an independent professionally verified coaching body.


Our solution was to create The Professional Coach Accelerator – an EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Practitioner qualification program.


We called on Tom Battye, our most experienced coach and an EMCC Master Practitioner and Coaching Supervisor to design an EMCC Practitioner Accreditation program which would both accelerate our coaching experience to a professional level whilst consolidating a broad range of personal leadership and management experience.

The program was to take full account of our client’s prior experience and learning within our overall assessment, thereby accelerating their coaching accreditation journey. There was no need for journals of logged experience just a summary of their management and coaching experiences.  

Once completed, successful graduates would gain an internationally recognised, professionally designated Accreditation with EMCC Global at Foundation or Practitioner level.

We gathered as a team of thirty once a week for 8 weeks for 2 hours to take part in a highly engaging and experiential online coaching module. We all thoroughly enjoyed the lively thought provoking and engaging sessions and looked forward to the next session every week.

Since March 2019 we have created over forty coaches with the professional EMCC Global Practitioner award. This number includes the entire Mission Performance delivery team.

We are now independently audited and operate under the professional coaching standards of the EMCC Global AQA.

One to one professional coaching, delivered almost entirely online, now forms an instrumental and hugely valuable element to our High Performance Learning Journey approach to delivering learning solutions.

Recent successful participants on our Professional Coach Accelerator EMCC program are singing its praises too…

“I am so impressed. Well-curated content and materials. Superbly designed course, thanks to which I have progressed beyond what I thought could be possible in this limited time.”

“If anyone thinks that this is just going to be a tick in the box exercise, think again. Tom takes you on a wonderfully paced learning journey, perfectly balancing challenge and support, through some incredibly powerful moments of revelation.”

Written by
Christiaan Mcleod

Combine our Pillars
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Our diverse team are all drawn from performance backgrounds. None are professional trainers, all are practitioners in their chosen field.

They bring the lessons from a wide variety of professional arenas to your project. All have a track record of performing in high profile and challenging situations. 

These situations make for  great teachers. They teach you the importance of leadership, courage, cheerfulness under adversity, selflessness, professionalism and the need to focus on the basics executed flawlessly.

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