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Embrace Digitisation – Human Factors Open Day 7th June 2017 in London

Having just returned from Barcelona and the People Development Summit there was one subject at the top of everyone’s agenda. That subject was digitisation. Your success in using digitisation as a ‘force multiplier’ for your business will in large part be dictated by how your leaders and teams understand and engage with it. We are currently partnering with some of the worlds most sophisticated organisations in their efforts to embrace ‘digital ways of working’. Join us at the Victory Services Club in London where will be sharing the lessons from our Human Factors curriculum on the 7th June from 08:30 am to 15:30 pm.

Teach – Coach – Mentor:

  1. Learn how to understand, mitigate and limit human error in operational and technical systems.
  2. We will work with your organisation’s leaders and teams in order to embed a safety critical culture into the very footprint of your operations.
  3. Learn how we help our global clients to embrace digitisation to achieve their specific objectives.
  4. Delivered by practitioners who will debunk the myth that a successful transition to a digitised operation is all about the process and technology.

Places are limited so don’t miss out on your chance to get ahead in your efforts to ensure a safety critical culture in the workplace.

Written by
Rob Lewis

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Our diverse team are all drawn from performance backgrounds. None are professional trainers, all are practitioners in their chosen field.

They bring the lessons from a wide variety of professional arenas to your project. All have a track record of performing in high profile and challenging situations. 

These situations make for  great teachers. They teach you the importance of leadership, courage, cheerfulness under adversity, selflessness, professionalism and the need to focus on the basics executed flawlessly.

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