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Duchenne Dash MAX 2017: Days 1-4

The Duchenne Dash MAX team have completed 3 days of the mammoth journey of over 1,200 kilometers. Starting with the Duchenne Dash, a grueling 24-hour ride from London to Paris. Riders arrived at the base of The Eiffel Tower at around 5 pm and then enjoyed a nights rest after a gala dinner before setting off on the Dash MAX towards Montargis at 8:30 am Sunday 11th June (130 KM).

Day 1 of The Dash MAX:

On the 9th June 2017, 160 riders from all around the country gathered in London for the fifth Duchenne Dash. The main aim of the ride was to raise £1 million for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) a genetic, muscle wasting disease which is the biggest genetic killer of children. The ride was going to be intense for all those taking part but especially those completing the Duchenne Dash MAX, who knew that once they reached Paris, there would only be a short break before heading off again first thing in the morning.

At Mission, we would like to congratulate Helen and Sarah for completing their first ever Duchenne Dash! Congratulations Guys!

Taking part in a customary group photo where I imagine was the perfect time to catch up with old faces from last year’s ride, they soon set off at 15:30 knowing they were still £80,000 off their target and having the faces of the Worlds Strongest Boys in their minds.

Passing breath-taking scenery on their way through the English countryside, the group reached Newhaven eager to catch their ferry to France as the UK leg was now complete.

Day 2 of The Dash MAX:

Day 2 consisted of the end of the Duchenne Dash and the final sprint to reach Paris, a very rewarding sight for the riders.

The groups set off bright and early from Dieppe, before the sun had a chance to show itself and before the temperatures rose above the almost unbearable.Traveling through northern France definitely gave the riders some stunning views but at this point of the journey many of the riders were only looking forward to one view, the Eiffel Tower. It didn’t disappoint.

The celebrations began shortly after arrival in Paris but not for everyone. Those completing the Dash Max, although appreciating the rest bite, ultimately knew that the next morning would dawn a brand new challenge.

Day 3 of The Dash MAX:

Sunday 11th June was a day of 38° heat, 80s music, and high spirits.

Many would have looked at day one of the MAX journey as something to dread, with 130km between you and your next location in Montargis and another 6 days on the clock. However, what makes the Duchenne Dash MAX so special is the sense of comradery that surrounds the ride. All riders are there for Felix and a common purpose, to raise money for him and others like him meant that spirits amongst the team will never drop.

Day 4 of The Dash MAX:

If any of the riders thought that day 3 was tough, day 4 was on a completely different level. Ahead of them was a 232km ride and was branded the ‘day of days in the saddle’. However, their motivation came from the fact that the previous evening the money raised for the Duchenne Dash reached its target of £1 million.

It may not surprise you to hear but the group absolutely smashed it. With cumulative climbs of 1900m, amazingly they still managed to reach Beaune in under 8 hours.

There is still a long way to go before the riders reach Monaco but every day completed is another day of fundraising and another step closer to ending Duchenne in 10 (years), the real reason everyone takes part. Although the Duchenne team have already reached their target, the riders taking part in the MAX are still pushing for even more donations. Please visit Alasdair’s page here to donate if you can and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for even more daily updates on how the riders are getting on.

Duchenne Dash MAX team progress can can also be tracked in many other ways, for more information check out our last blog post.

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