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Birmingham Velo 100 Miles 2019

Make Miles Matter this May



Sponsoring Action for Stammering Children

For the 2019 Birmingham Velo 100 Miles, Mission Performance will be raising money for the Action for Stammering Children (ASC). One in twenty children stammer and the impact on their confidence and lives can be enormous. Action for Stammering Children helps over 4000 children and young people who stammer each year.

When we were looking for a partner to sponsor for the Velo it was important to us that we worked with a charity that meant something to us and that shared an ethos.

We are genuinely thrilled to be able to raise both awareness and money for the charity. Our communications team travel the World giving people the practical communication skills to enable them to communicate in an impactful way with confidence. As actors we know how tough a challenge this can be for many adults – but for children and young people, at a vulnerable age, the impact of a stammer can be huge on many aspects of their lives.

One of our Communication Associates, Actor Ollie Dimsdale, has worked previously with Action for Stammering Children and is a regular visitor to the Michael Palin Centre. He says….

“I’ve had a stammer most of my life so ASC is a charity whose work holds a powerful place in my heart. I visit ASC’s Michael Palin Centre a few times every year to see some of the work they do for children who stammer, and to tell my story. Visits are very inspiring, humbling and often very moving. It is widely perceived that stammering is only a momentary phase of a child’s life that they grow out of. Believe me, I was lucky to get speech therapy when I was young, otherwise life would have been one hell of a struggle. I was a frightened stammerer when I was a boy. Now I am a successful actor and director, who stammers. I try never to let the fact that I have a stammer get in the way of how I communicate.”

A Message from Steven and Elaine from Action for Stammering Children (ASC)

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We hope that the money we raise will go to helping families and children affected by stammers. Support Mission Team for the VELO 100 Miles Challenge and donate through our JustGiving page.



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