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Steve Ware
Steve Ware
Mindfulness & Wellbeing - Coach and Teacher

Steve is an extremely accomplished mindfulness trainer with extensive experience teaching resilience programmes to corporate teams.  He trained at the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre,  specialising in the application of mindfulness in the workplace.  Prior to teaching resilience through mindfulness full-time Steve spent almost three decades working for IBM, and it was here - during the last 5 years of his career - that he implemented a gold standard mindfulness programme for his colleagues.  This comprehensive programme took the form of presentations, weekly sessions, half-day workshops, global summits and 8-week foundation courses, but it was bringing this ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ 8-week foundation course to IBMers globally that changed everything.  Graduates reported profound transformational effects such as improved resilience and productivity as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety.  Sleep often became deeper and more restorative. Participants also reported greater flourishing and embracing a more diverse & inclusive stance – highlighting that this training isn’t just about stress reduction. Many colleagues reported an ability to once again create and innovate like they used to, and an increase in prosocial behaviour and a reduction in biases were also noticed.  Steve's on a mission to make looking after our mental health as normal as our physical health, and his deep knowledge of mindfulness combined with a 28 year career in the corporate world positions him perfectly to deliver an effective, evidence-based mindfulness programme whatever your business.

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