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Sam Rawe
Sam Rawe

For the past 14 years, I've been immersed in the office world, specifically in finance departments. Throughout my journey, I've honed my skills in bookkeeping, payroll, and admin tasks. I've had the privilege of working for a recruitment company and a public house management company, gaining valuable experiences along the way.

When I'm not at work, I prioritise spending quality time with my family. We love going on trips and embracing every opportunity for a holiday. It's during these moments that we create cherished memories together. Interestingly, my 5-year-old daughter seems to have a more bustling social life than I do, but I don't mind tagging along with her for some fun and laughter.

In 2022, I decided to take on the challenge of climbing mount Snowdon. Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy feat reaching the summit. However, I persevered and overcame the struggle, filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment as I made my way back down. It was truly an amazing achievement that I'll always hold dear.

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