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Paul Chequer

Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

As a working actor, Paul Chequer had a lot of great experiences and also some missed opportunities. He is now driven by a desire to ensure that everyone he works with is ready for the moments that matter, that they are embracing the challenge, controlling limiting beliefs and continually impacting people in a positive way.

Paul Chequer has been a communication skills trainer for over 10 years and his work is an alignment of the practical and applicable skills that can be taken from the world of theatre to meet the needs of people in business. Training has taken him all over the world and has focused on enabling hundreds of people, at every level of organisations, to connect their message to their audience delivering improved belief, relationships and results.

Paul Chequer’s focus is always on what’s relevant to the client from a simple human interaction to the most pressured of situations. He creates a fun and safe atmosphere so that every session can be challenging and rigorous, ensuring people are able to give the best of themselves and, above all, to be themselves.

Some questions Paul Chequer asks himself when coaching:

Do I believe you? Is it easy for me to listen to you? Can I trust you? Do you appear confident? Do I like you? Are you holding my attention?

Some questions Paul asks you when coaching:

Why are you communicating? What is your purpose and objective? How are you impacting me? What am I seeing? What am I hearing? What are you making me think and feel?

The work that we do together lies in the answers to some of these questions.

A Small Selection of Some of the Great TV that Paul Chequer has been part of

Casualty, BBC
Silent Witness, BBC

Sherlock, BBC

Watch to see Paul in BBC’s Sherlock as DI Dimmock

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