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Nathalie Baldwin
Nathalie Baldwin
Communications Consultant

Nathalie Baldwin is a comedy writer, improviser and actress. Credits include  BBC, BBC Radio 4, BBC 3 and Comedy Central. Nathalie also performs regularly as an improviser on the London comedy circuit.

Nathalie’s years of live performance experience in both Hollywood and London has given her skills to quickly identify and unlock her clients true potential as a communicator. Being a professional improviser has taught her the importance of listening, building relationships, trust and authenticity. She brings her performance skills to each session and will help you to work out what is needed to access your true authentic engaging self.

Being a comedy writer helped her to discover her own voice and is equally as passionate about helping those to find thus develop the voices of any individual she is working with. She firmly believes that everyone is wonderfully unique and it is about nurturing the voice we already have and letting go of whatever is stopping you from being the most effective communicator that she knows everyone can be.

Nathalie Baldwin gives personalised, targeted tangible feedback. She strongly believes that feedback is critical in your development so holds a strong focus on documenting your journey from start to finish.

Humour is an imperative part of Nathalie’s process as believes if we approach such things with pressure and a seriousness we will always associate such things with a certain heaviness. So sessions will always be fun but extremely fruitful.

About five years ago she discovered teaching English as a second language, after some time she discovered that a lot of her clients were very advanced but struggled significantly with their confidence. so she designed a program in which she incorporated language learning skills and communication skills which in turn built her clients self esteem. Realising that it is essential to  both study and understand your language on every level to be a world class communicator.  And has since worked one on one, and ran workshops all over the world with product managers, CEO’s , professors from companies such as Facebook, All In Media and Google.

Working specifically in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Presentations
  • Relationships

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