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Kenton Cool
Kenton Cool
Keynote speaker

Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading alpine climbers, with 12 Everest Summits under his belt amongst other incredible feats of human achievement. He is Britain’s most successful Everest mountaineer, the second most successful Western Mountaineer of all times on Everest and claimed a historic three peaks record for Britain in Everest’s 60th anniversary year.

As a high altitude leader, Kenton says he “fulfils others’ dream” by enabling his clients to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain. He has great insights into decision making, mitigating and embracing risk, adapting to change, building high performing teams and empowering individuals.

Kenton shares his lessons of guiding teams at high altitudes with corporate leaders and teams. He shares how he has challenged conventional wisdom throughout his life and embraced RISK to achieve the extraordinary.

His motivational presentations are energetic, entertaining, inspiring and humorous, focusing on themes of team-building and leadership. There is a serious aspect too, as Kenton relates with great intimacy some of the most adverse situations he’s encountered and the personal fears he’s had to overcome across many successful summits of Everest and further afield. Each presentation is complemented by an impressive array of stunning photographs and video, taken from expeditions right across Kenton’s time in the Greater Ranges.

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