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David Mugridge
David Mugridge

David joined Mission Performance after 15 years of working globally in the energy sector. He has delivered Leadership & Operations Management training to top performing drilling companies and operators alike. His niche area of expertise is delivering operational start-up advice, to help organisations deliver exceptional results through structured change management. He delivers Crew Resource Management training for Mission Performance in the Middle East. Outside of the energy sector, he offers bespoke Risk Management services based on current geo-strategic issues.

Like many at Mission Performance, David had a previous military career. His 20-year Naval service saw him deployed operationally across 5 continents on 7 operational tours. He held two commands and is an alumni / graduate of the Advanced Command & Staff Course. Additionally, he has held three teaching-research positions at Universities & Business Schools in Europe & North America.

He holds two Masters Degrees in Operational Management & International Relations and a Bachelor’s in Modern History & Politics. He is a qualified Project Management and an expert in Critical Infrastructure protection.

Living in Munich, his active family life revolves around mountains, lakes and trekking. The family relish rough travelling to non-tourist destinations and remote areas.

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