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We have a diverse team of people selected for their alignment with our shared values and for their love of creating and delivering powerful learning experiences. They have been highly trained to conduct and deliver complex operations through the agency of people. All have performed and led people in highly complex environments, but feel like your favourite teachers at school that possessed that rare ability to ‘light fires’ and inspire those around them. We believe in People Power.

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  • Rob Lewis

    Founding Director

    My strong belief is that people and teams can achieve great things together.

    Christiaan Mcleod

    Founding Director

    I am a straightforward, honest and positive leadership practitioner.

    Gerry de Vries

    Commercial Director

    Improving performance through effective leadership and culture change.

    Matt Burgess

    Director of Communications Practice

    I strongly believe that learning happens best when people are allowed to enjoy the process.

    Emma Kilbey

    Communications Consultant

    Nathalie Baldwin

    Communications Consultant

    Ollie Dimsdale

    Communications Consultant

    Jade Burnett

    Logistics Coordinator

    I have a passion for travelling and experiencing different cultures worldwide.

    Toby Wilsher

    Head of Communications Practice

    35 years experience writing, performing and directing in Theatre.

    Dominic Troulan GC, QGM, QCVS

    The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.

    Justin Featherstone, MC FRGS

    Head of Leadership Practice

    Leadership, people and an adventurous spirit are my passion.

    Sue Fontannaz

    Team Coach

    ‘I realise that we learn best when we experience ideas that are supported with rigorous evidence – there’s nothing as practical as good theory experienced.’

    Ross Preston, MBE

    US Partner & Centre for Creative Leadership

    Leading and being a part of teams began with a love of sport.

    Richard Tarran, MVO

    Head of Coaching Practice

    I have worked from ships’ engine rooms to Buckingham Palace.

    Mandy Hickson

    Associates Director

    I was one of the first female pilots on a frontline Tornado GR4 squadron.

    Paul Mattin

    Head of Team Development & Outdoor Experiential Learning

    Skiing to and from the South Pole.

    Steve Booker

    Outdoor Specialist

    We are leaving behind a community who has truly benefited from our interaction and the development and learning.

    Don Evans

    CRM Head of Human Factors Practice

    A background in fast jet aviation, telecoms and international sport.

    Bob Allen

    Head of Mission performance academy & ILM IQA

    Understanding the nature of the business and those that operate within that arena.

    Colette Barratt MSc

    Working with the Royal Engineer Corp brought about the challenges and opportunities she had hoped for.

    Jamie Honeybourne

    Senior Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

    I bring all of my unique experience, energy and enthusiasm to every encounter.

    Amanda Wilsher

    Communications Consultant

    Amanda's sessions are consistently highly rated by participants on a wide variety of programmes for directors, aspiring directors and senior clinical leaders.

    Russ Lewis, MSc

    Senior Leadership & Team Consultant

    I spent twenty years in the Parachute Regiment as an officer.

    Justin Cunningham LLB(Hons) MA CIPD

    Senior Leadership Consultant

    I had an 18 year career in the Royal Marines.

    Clare Plested

    Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

    Co-founder of an International touring theatre company.

    Tom Battye

    Senior Coach

    Led over 40 international trekking expeditions in developing countries.

    Paul Chequer

    Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

    Training has taken me all over the world.

    Brendan Hall

    Leadership & Team Consultant

    I skippered the winning yacht in the Clipper Round the World Race in 2010.

    Colin Bauld

    Leadership & Team Consultant

    Former Royal Navy Commando.

    Dave Pearce

    I embrace challenges and in 2003 I reached the summit of Mount Everest.

    Vicky Ellis

    Vicky was the second ever female skipper to complete the Clipper race in its nine editions.

    Kenton Cool

    Kenton Cool is one of the world’s leading alpine climbers, with 12 Everest Summits under his belt.

    Shona Crawford Bain BA Hons MBA

    Shona focuses on strategy, leadership and results delivery.

    Clare Winter

    In 2016, believing that life is for living, I fully embraced my adventurous side, competing in the America’s Coast to Coast Leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.  

    Greg Miller

    A former Staff Sergeant in The Royal Corps of Signals, he deployed on various operations over his twenty-four years’ service.

    Alastair Duns

    Racing, coaching and working has taken me all over the world.

    Richard Mann

    My passion is helping individuals, teams and organisations move performance from where they currently are to where they want to be

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