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Optimising Safety and Performance through Human Factors & Crew Resource Management

Ensuring a safe, efficient, and high-performing work environment is paramount in today’s high reliability industries.  Mission Performance offers comprehensive expertise in integrating Human Factors and Crew Resource Management (CRM) within your existing HSE Safety Management System.

We are proud to be an official IADC training accreditation provider. Our Crew Resource Management programme is the only recognised External CRM accreditation within the global IADC training database.

  • Addressing Human Error: Our programs target the root cause of over 75% of Lost Time Incidents (LTI’s), serious injuries, and fatalities: human error. We complement your existing safety measures by focusing on the none technical human behaviours such as leadership and teamwork, situational awareness, decision-making and stress and fatigue.
  • Building a Robust Safety Culture: Effective safety goes beyond protocols. Mission Performance fosters a culture of excellence with safety as the core value, empowering individuals and teams to identify risks and prioritize their well-being.
  • Data-Driven Methodology: We leverage scientifically-proven CRM and Lean principles to enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and ultimately, your return on investment.
  • Sustainable Future Partner: We understand the crucial role of sustainability in Oil & Gas. Our programs support teams in adopting greener practices while maintaining operational excellence.
  • Reduced Risk & Improved Safety Culture: We empower individuals to raise concerns, and teams to proactively identify and mitigate risks. This integrated approach strengthens compliance and overall safety performance.
  • Leadership & Teamwork Development: Tailored coaching programs enhance critical leadership and team behaviours that directly impact the success of process improvement initiatives.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our programs address crucial human factors that impact performance, including decision-making, communication, collaboration, fatigue & stress management, and situational awareness.
  • Engaging & Interactive Learning: We combine instructor-led sessions with participant exercises, case studies,  simulations and on-site coaching to create a dynamic learning experience that fosters deeper understanding and retention.
  • Integrated Focused Approach: Our goal is not just to train, but to facilitate successful integration of CRM principles across all levels of your organisation, from frontline personnel to senior management.
  • Building Internal Capability: We offer targeted training programs for key roles, along with Train-the-Trainer programs to empower your team to deliver CRM training within your organisation.
  • Industry-Leading Credentials: Mission Performance offers the only IADC Accredited Rig Operators CRM program, ensuring the highest quality standards in training.
  • Safety Officer Development: Our specialised CRM program equips Safety Officers and HSE Managers with the necessary skills to champion safety within their teams.
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