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Our Pillars

Refined over 20 years and powerful in their own right. When combined they accelerate performance.

LeadIcon Lead .

We all remember leaders who led us through challenging and uncertain times.

This defines us, how we coach, and our entire approach to instructing, facilitating and coaching leaders at all levels.

We specialise in helping people create environments for people to thrive and we do it differently to our competitors.

CoachIcon Coach .

Our mission is to democratise and scale coaching skills and behaviours across organisations. 

As a team, we are all accredited to at least the Practitioner level with the EMCC (G), and we have the in-house capability to accredit your management experience as an EQA centre for the EMCC (G) 

Coaching is the perfect route to improve the quality of listening, dialogue, and engagement within your organisation. 

Communicate Icon Communicate .

We have all experienced the impact an individual’s behaviour and communication style has on those around them and its broader impact on the culture and performance of a team or organisation. 

We have a large, in-house team of accredited EMCC (G) coaches who combine their extensive acting and directing experiences to help you address and elevate the standard and impact of your behaviour and communication at all levels in your organisation. 

HumanFactorsIcon Human Factors .

We specialise in supporting high-reliability industries to create safe, happy, high-performing environments.

We change organisational cultures through behavioural programmes executed at scale. Adopting Crew Resource Management and Lean methodologies, we facilitate and coach effective implementation.

We support the Oil and Gas industry in its efforts to transition to a more sustainable and greener future and the effective implementation of operational processes linked to Lean Manufacturing. 

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