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We are motivated to see people learn and succeed

It’s all about the learner and the quality of the learning experience that we help deliver with our client organisations.

  • Work takes up so much of our lives we owe it to ourselves and those around us to develop our talents in the most effective and enjoyable ways possible – professional fulfilment and the personal well-being that follows feeds greater sustainability and performance for organisations and positive outcomes for the planet.
  • When we work with our clients we ensure the learning experiences are of premium quality delivered by exceptional facilitators with first hand experience of the implementing the lessons we help embed in your organisation.
  • Humility and integrity should be core to the way we operate. This explains our objective to build your internal capability and equip the individual with the tools skills and insights to do it for themselves.
  • We partner with innovative organisations to support our delivery with world class IP and mobile learning technology.
  • We can accredit the programmes we design together.

Our Journey

Our People

We wanted to take the excitement of conducting operations within the Royal Marines into a different environment. Understanding what it takes to be part of an elite organisation with its ethos of personal excellence, humility and discipline and pursuing it was to be our enduring motivation as a business. We assembled a diverse team of people selected for their values and recommended to us from within our network.

All had to have been highly trained to conduct and deliver complex operations through the agency of people. It was key that they had a team background. We were not interested in singular athletes who had performed in strictly controlled environments. We were after characters that had performed in highly complex environments. As important, we were interested in their humility and their quiet professionalism. We wanted to work with people who could connect with people and who genuinely loved helping people to develop. This genuine passion is a rare quality and is much faked in our industry.

Our Work

From the very beginning, we wanted to stretch ourselves and explore what made the difference between high and low-performance teams. We worked with the BT Global Challenge Yacht Race in 2000 and 2004 entering and winning two races to the North Pole. Over the last 5 years, we have worked alongside the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and have continued our research into human performance through this one design, human powered race. Our wider delivery team have been in flagship West End productions, run internationally renowned theatre companies, climbed the world’s highest mountains, been decorated for bravery under fire and coached some of the most famous adventurers of our age and much more.

We have worked in every continent of the world and have delivered to clients from Nigeria to Siberia. The emphasis is always on equipping the facilitator to create powerful awareness and learning for our clients. We do not specialise in telling people about new models and theories that are not rooted in practice and centre on information sharing as opposed to deep & impactful learning experiences. Experiential learning is the beating heart of our delivery style.

Our Brand

Our brand colours are pulled from our shared heritage. The blue is taken from the Southern Ocean from our two-decade involvement with Offshore Ocean Racing. The green from our military past and the ice blue from our experiences of fighting off competitors and Polar Bears in the high Arctic. We take people to special places to meet special people through our CSR work and have delivered across 46 countries producing multi-million pounds worth of value for our clients.

Our Future

We have never really promoted ourselves up until now but playing true to our values we are empowering young people to advise us on how we should market what we do. For the first time, this generation will look to the next generation for advice on how to run their business. Through the apprenticeship scheme, we have three gifted contributors that will help us on our journey.

Mission Performance

We started the business to combine the excitement that comes from experiential learning with the intellectual rigour of a management consulting organisation. Turning difficult concepts into simple and actionable behaviours that can be anchored to habit is key to our work.

Rob Lewis, Founding Director

Our Mission

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