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We believe leadership is a responsibility not a position and that improving it can only start if individuals are prepared to take personal responsibility to change.

We help leaders at all levels to step up to this responsibility by facilitating the ‘powerful awareness’ required for them to take ownership of their development. Using all learning environments and channels we work in partnership to create and deliver stretching, experience-rich programmes that inspire career and life-affirming memories.

Really made me think about my style and how I need to flex it more to suit the individuals I work with.

We Transform Leaders Because We:

  • Have higher expectations of what human beings are capable of and stretch them accordingly
  • Coach leaders to utilise their values and emotions to guide their decisions and actions
  • Encourage them to give control away and distribute leadership
  • Help them anchor key behaviours to habit with mobile learning technology
  • Use a range of exclusive environments to create powerful learning experiences
  • Help them to confront their self-limiting beliefs, mind-sets and fears that stop them growing as leaders
  • Help them to value and encourage personal well being as a means to sustain performance
  • Pioneer new leadership concepts such as ethical leadership to provide fresh insights to our work together
  • Leave behind the tools and capabilities so that you can do it for yourselves
  • Deliver with passion and care deeply about the services we provide

Programme Details - In Action

We are currently delivering a large leadership programme to a multinational organisation that is aligned to Drotter and Charan’s Leadership pipeline philosophy.

The ILM accredited programmes have 3 levels with 3 sets of associated challenges and opportunities. A summary of each level is given below. This programme was a significant reason why this organisation won a Gold IIP award and first place for their Learning and Development practice nationally.

1. Developing future leaders (leading self)  

Desired actions and behaviours required:

Understand and promote company culture adhere to company values, adopt professional standards and demonstrate a desire to progress through passage 1; leading with purpose, delivering results. Skilled individual contributors sharpening and broadening their individual skills. Increasing their level of contribution to the business.

Key challenges/opportunities: 

Understanding and living the values and aligning to the culture; collaborating and taking personal responsibility for their learning and career; mastering technical skills and building effective relationships within teams.

2. IM level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management – Experienced team leaders (leading others)

Desired actions and behaviours required:

Selecting & developing future leaders and talent; divestment of individual tasks; assigning work; motivating; assigning/planning work; valuing managerial > technical; measure work and progress; coach others; building teams setting them up for success; looking ahead; managing performance; resolving conflict; learning to delegate, innovative problem solving; embracing change; adapting to diversity.

Key challenges/opportunities: 

‘They make the transition to manager without making a behavioural or value-based transition’; they must believe that making time for others, planning, coaching are necessary tasks and are their responsibility & view it as mission-critical’.

3. ILM level 5 award in Leadership and Management – Advanced leaders (leading leaders)

Desired actions and behaviours required:

Holds people accountable for managerial work over technical; rewarding the right behaviours and penalizing the wrong behaviours, communicating and modelling standards; coaching and mentoring others; selecting people for passage 1, assigning managerial and leadership work to them, measuring their progress as managers and coaching them; start to think beyond their function and concern themselves with strategic issues that support the overall business.

Key challenges/opportunities:

Stop doing the doing and manage; divest themselves of individual tasks; unblock the pipe at passage 1 by coaching first line managers that have not changed (skills/values/time applications); Identify value-based resistance to managerial work.

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