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High Performance Team Development Programmes

Check our High Performance Team development Programmes and Training Workshops. Book a customisable programme below.

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90 Minutes Team Mission Keynote

This 90 Min interactive keynote presentation is ideal for a team that is time poor and requires a short yet powerful session to inspire and refocus collective efforts to adopt a specific mindset or perspective. It will help clarify thinking and provide contextualised feedback from your chosen profiling/diagnostic tool. This will help to inform internal and external communications and relationships. It can also utilise biometric feedback to inform team and individual resilience.

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Half-Day Team Mission Workshop

This ½ day session is designed to enhance specific learning objectives. The session can combine feedback on a number of psychometric profiling tools for the individuals and as a team composite that will underpin efforts to improve team relationships and communications. It can utilise data from biometric tools (Heart Rate Variance) to address resilience and performance issues linked to how the team and individuals direct their energy.

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One-Day Team Mission Workshop

A progression from the ½ day option, this one-day programme will allow for more detailed analysis and discussion. Using the same tools and approaches there will be more time to activate the learning and to discuss specific application in the business. This is ideal for an extended team that meets regularly/quarterly to review progress and plan future actions as part of their normal rhythm of operations.

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Multi-Day Team Development Programme

This multi day programme facilitates focused reflection for senior teams tasked with delivering project/s of significant organisational importance. This type of programme is often delivered overseas or in a remote national location. We work closely with the senior team and their business partners to design a comprehensive solution together that combines a variety of interventions into a powerful learning experience.

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