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How do you build and sustain high-performance in a team which is not only constantly changing themselves but which also face an environment of permanent change?

They need absolute clarity (e.g. purpose, priorities), a very strong culture that drives behaviours, and a desire to work interdependently. For over 15 years, Mission’s facilitators have pooled their experience into our proprietary high-performance team model called CCI; Clarity, Culture, Interdependence.

Creating high-performance teams is as much an art as it is a science.

Mission Performance’s deliberate method combines an evidenced-based approach with creative flair. The science and evidence comes from our proprietary online CCI-Q Team Performance survey and the use of qualitative research principles to identify the real needs for any programme of work.

We will also work with your preferred tools. The art comes from our extensive experience of working with executive and operational teams globally. We combine our diverse facilitator experience with our specialist portfolio of experiential activities and locations to stretch our client teams.



We use the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI™ model across our portfolio. For teams we use it to diagnose challenges and opportunities, frame discussions and plan future actions.

The Blend

It is when you combine both and embed it in your specific context that we achieve your outcomes.

Playing to our core values, we like to keep things bold and simple by coaching our clients to define the absolute clarity (e.g. purpose, priorities) that directs their efforts. The culture that drives their behaviour and the mindset that enables them to put their team ego before their individual egos. This three part focus is embodied in our Clarity Culture & Interdependence model.


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