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Women in Business One-Day Programme


It is time for a new model of leadership that champions other women to reach higher roles in business.

The Women in Business Programmes are designed to enable women to understand how they can increase their presence and impact through their body language and voice. The programmes are practical in nature and deliver focused coaching and feeding ensuing participants leave with applicable sills that will deliver change in their communication skills and relationships.

Who should choose this solution?

This solution is for women either employed, self-employed or running their own business. Women who are leaders of teams in public and private sector organisations. Women getting back into work after maternity, family, or compassionate leave.

Why this solution is for you

If you worry that they are not fulfilling potential because your confidence is being undermined, if you get anxious when presenting, if you find it hard to speak up in meetings, if you have your ideas attributed to others or you find yourself being re-explained, then this will be a transformational programme for you. This inspiring one day course will help you develop your natural authority, enable you to speak confidently and in a way which makes others take notice and to assert yourself in ways which feel comfortable.

How we do it

Working extremely practically, participants will explore themes such as energy, status and authority. The session will include personal coaching and feedback for each participant.

Women in Business Modules

Our Women in Business programme covers six modules that will help you to communicate with clarity, confidence and in a way that represents your. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • PERSONAL COMMUNICATION REFLECTIONS: Coaching sheets defining personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • THE FOUNDATION OF GREAT COMMUNICATION: The principles and techniques that guide great communication.
  • ENERGY STATES: Techniques to increase engagement and creating congruence.
  • STATUS & COMMUNICATING WITH AUTHORITY: Changing behaviour to affect relationships and heighten performance levels.
  • THE HUMAN TOOLKIT & THE POWER OF CONVICTION: Defines and develops use of physicality, breath and the voice.
  • IMPACT IN PRACTICE: personal feedback and coaching.

Our Women in Business Programmes

Do you want to discuss a programme with us? Call  +44 (0)1329 841652 or email  info@missionperformance.com

Live Coaching

Live Coaching 90/120 Minutes

We utilise the latest technology to coach content and facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge for individuals and teams. We deliver singular sessions but can also link two or more modules in a series of sessions together to meet a particular set of needs. Each session comes with a check list of key points to help you apply the learning. All our Live Coaching sessions can be delivered 24 hours across all time zones.

Two-hour Women in Business Workshop

Two-hour Workshop

This session develops the initial skills, understanding and focus required to develop and enhance self confidence in all areas of communication, whether it be meetings,1:1, team meetings, or formal presentations.

Half-day Women in Business Workshop

Half-day Women in Business Workshop

The key personal communication themes are developed with attention being paid to developing personal gravitas, speaking truth to power and driving and nurturing communications.


One-Day Women in Business Training

One-Day Women in Business Training

Personal coaching and feedback puts the skills in practice and adds an understanding of what it is like to be ‘on the receiving end’ of you. There is further development of personal style and conviction and helping your audience to be curious about what you’re going to say next.

Three/Four-Day Women in Business Training

Three/Four-Day Women in Business Training

The skills delivered on the One-day class can be developed through adding further modules and practical exercises. These exercises can add focus to chosen development needs for instance Impact for Leaders, Impact for Teams. All work in these sessions is developed in consultation with you and is design to meet your specific objectives.

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Our Programme Facilitators

Amanda Wilsher

Communications Consultant

Amanda's sessions are consistently highly rated by participants on a wide variety of programmes for directors, aspiring directors and senior clinical leaders.

Find out More about Amanda Wilsher

Clare Plested

Personal Impact & Communications Consultant

Co-founder of an International touring theatre company.

Find out More about Clare Plested

Lots more confident women

Will have a big impact on the methods I use to improve my confidence at work and outside work. It has given me the confidence in myself. I learnt how to present myself better.

Confidently Deliver

Will help me to confidently deliver my programs and meetings.

Great Day

Will help me in my new job role with confidence. Every positive affirmation shared, experienced and appreciated. Lessons for life. Amanda is a legend. Thank you so much. Great day!

Working Progression

I will gain more confidence in public peaking as time goes on using the techniques taught today. These will ensure work progression within the company.

Incredibly Empowered

The programme, and Amanda, have made me feel incredibly empowered and energised to take command within my role at a time when I was beginning to feel like there was no hope! Thank you so much!


Women in Business: Suggested accompanying training and programmes

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