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There is enormous value in being able to deliver a message through storytelling.

Storytelling class enables people to develop and hone the skills to engage audiences. It adds an emotional quality to delivery and presented in a non didactic way.

Who should choose this solution?

The storytelling class is perfect for anyone who wants to take their presentations to the next level. It will enable presenters and speakers to define the value they are delivering and put that across in a structured way that takes the audience on a journey.

Why this solution is for you

Actors spend their careers telling stories. We have a huge understanding of what makes storytelling work and how it sits in the corporate World. Like all our training , this session will leave you with the skills and techniques required to deliver your stories with impact and confidence.

How we do it

We look at how and why stories work, then define the stories that work for your message and projects. This class is delivered in a workshop style. The more we understand what you are looking to achieve the more targeted it can be. As always the classes are practical and deliver applicable skill.

Storytelling Modules

Our Storytelling covers five modules associated with the skills and techniques required to deliver your stories with impact and confidence. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • WHY STORYTELLING: Understanding why and how stories affect us and their link to business.
  • STORYBOARDING: Techniques to creature structure and clarity.
  • STORY SHARE: Writing and delivering personal or project stories.
  • MATCHING STORIES TO YOUR BRAND: Using imagination to deliver and expand brand interest.
  • PERSONAL STORY INVENTORIES: Creating stories that create personal interest and insight.

Our Storytelling Programmes

Do you want to discuss a programme with us? Call  +44 (0)1329 841652 or email  info@missionperformance.com

Live Coaching

Live Coaching 90/120 Minutes

We utilise the latest technology to coach content and facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge for individuals and teams. We deliver singular sessions but can also link two or more modules in a series of sessions together to meet a particular set of needs. Each session comes with a check list of key points to help you apply the learning. All our Live Coaching sessions can be delivered 24 hours across all time zones.

Two-hour Workshop

Two-hour Workshop

The Two-hour workshop introduces theory, frameworks and helps develop initial story content.

Half-day Workshop

Half-day Workshop

This session introduces storyboarding and personal story inventories. The is the opportunity to develop and deliver stories and receive coaching.

One-day Training

One-day Training

The One-Day training works towards the creation of a story that is developed alongside specific objectives. Feedback and coaching are offered throughout.

Three/Four-day Training

Three/Four-day Training

We would advise adding ‘delivery’ modules onto the storytelling workshops to ensure that once honed the stories are matched with an engaging personal delivery.

One to One Storytelling Workshops

One to One Storytelling Workshops

These workshops offer the same content as the group sessions but can be designed for a specific presentation or delivery. Length can be defined by need. We can work with the individual from inception of story to delivery.

Team Storytelling Projects

Team Storytelling Projects

These sessions are for specific projects where a team are coming together to deliver a message. We can work with the team from inception of story to delivery.

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