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Sales Communication Skills


The Sales Communication Skills programmes place the focus on the needs of the customer. They delivers the skills, strategy and confidence required for Sales teams to deliver value in their communications, to put the customer first and to build longer lasting consultative relationships.

Who should choose this solution?

This solution is especially designed for Sales Teams and individuals that work in sales.

Why this solution is for you

Too often Sales teams focus on their product over the actual needs of the customer. Outcome Based Sales Communication switches that, ensuring the skills are in place to probe to understand a clients needs and then deliver value in meetings, pitches and presentations.

How we do it

These sessions are practical. We work with individuals and teams to re-calibrate the sales relationship. We focus on strategic questions skills, on listening and building relationships in order to build longer lasting collaborative sales relationships. We couple this with an ability to understand and change personal communication style to impact the sales process.

Sales Communication Skills Modules

Our Sales Communication Skills programme covers seven modules that allows you to put the customer first and to build longer lasting consultative relationships. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • PERSONAL COMMUNICATION REFLECTIONS: Coaching sheets defining personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • THE FOUNDATION OF GREAT COMMUNICATION: The principles and techniques that guide great communication.


  • ACTIVE LISTENING AND BEHAVIOUR CHANGE: Changing behaviour to affect relationships and heighten performance levels.
  • IMPACT IN PRACTICE: Pairs and team communications as a skill development.


Our Sales Communication Skills Programmes

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Two-Hour Workshop

Two-Hour Workshop

This session gives an understanding of Outcome Based Sales strategy and enables Sales people to understand leading a sales communication to deliver value

Half-Day Workshop

Half-Day Workshop

The understanding of leading an Outcome based Sales strategy is developed and focus is placed on lasting consultative relationships. Understanding of the impact of personal communication style is developed.

One-Day Training

One-Day Training

Pitching and personal communication styles are developed to ensure that strategy is delivered in an impactful manner.

Three/Four-Day Training

Three/Four-Day Training

The practical skills and strategy are placed into organisational context with role pays developing client conversations and scenario based pitches, meetings and presentations. Further exercises and modules can be added to develop a more detailed understanding of the skills required through the different stages of a client relationship.

One to One Coaching

One to One Sales Communication Skills Coaching

The Outcome Based Sales Programme can be offered on a one to one coaching basis. The timing of this can vary in length and is designed in consultation with you.

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