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Presentation Skills


Our Presentation Skills class has been ran globally for nearly 10 years with thousands of participants benefiting from receiving applicable skills that actually change behaviour.

The Presentation Skills class is world class. The class focuses on the delivery skills required to enthuse, inspire and engage an audience whilst ensuring that content and message matches that delivery style. The class is energised and practical with one to one coaching and feedback. It is led by actors and theatre Directors all of whom has years of experience bot in performing and working in a Corporate environment.

Who should choose this solution?

This class is of value to anyone in an organisation who has to present, regardless of whether those presentations be to internal or external audiences and regardless of hierarchy and experience.

Why this solution is for you

The class delivers real change. On completion participants will leave with applicable repeatable skills that develop their presentation and give them the confidence to represent an organisation and its brand. No two presentation classes are the same. We work with you to understand your unique needs and design with those at the forefront of the process.

How we do it

The course is practical and delivered in a coaching style. It is about groups ‘doing’ and learning through experience. We work with small groups (max 12) and ensure that each participant understands their strengths and how to fine-tune their communication style to deliver presentations in the most effective way they can.

Presentation Skills Modules

Our Presentation Skills covers seven modules that provide you with applicable, repeatable skills, which help to develop your presentation and give you the confidence to represent your organisation and its brand. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • UNDERSTANDING THE AUDIENCE: Defines the focus required, relationship needed and rules that apply to any audience.
  • THE HUMAN TOOLKIT OF COMMUNICATION: Defines and develops use of physicality, breath and the voice.
  • CREATING VARIATION: Use of energy in engaging and creating variation.
  • WORKING WITH TECHNOLOGY: The use of PowerPoint and other associated tools.
  • DEALING WITH QUESTIONS & CHALLENGES: The repeatable steps required to remain focused and respond to questions and challenges with clarity.
  • STRUCTURE & DELIVERING VALUE: Focusing on differentiating value from feature and engaging different level of audience.
  • ONE TO ONE COACHING: Individual one to one specific coaching and feedback.
  • LIVE PRESENTATION & FEEDBACK: Coaching and Feedback on prepared delivery.

Our Presentation Skills Programmes

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Live Coaching

Live Coaching 90/120 Minutes

We utilise the latest technology to coach content and facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge for individuals and teams. We deliver singular sessions but can also link two or more modules in a series of sessions together to meet a particular set of needs. Each session comes with a check list of key points to help you apply the learning. All our Live Coaching sessions can be delivered 24 hours across all time zones.

Two-hour Workshop

Two-hour Workshop

The two-hour workshop is designed to put across the key themes and tools that enable presenters to understand the process and psychology behind a great presentation and how to implement immediate change into their delivery. It is made up of facilitated discussion and practical exercises. This can be designed and delivered for larger groups.

Half-day Workshop

Half-day Workshop

The Half-Day Workshop explores an understanding of the delivery focus required to engage audiences. It develops the practical human toolkit skills required to impact and delivers practical one to one coaching. These are practical sessions.

One-day Training

One-day Training

The One-Day Presentation Skills class allows participants time to present twice and put into practice the skills they develop. The session looks at the psychology of great communication, at the Human toolkit, at creating variation in presentation and offers one to one coaching and feedback on two informal presentations. These classes run with up t 12 participants and are practical in nature. During these sessions participants film themselves ensuring the ability to watch development.

Two / Three-day Training

Two / Three-day Training

2-3 Day programmes allow development of skills to imbed with continued coaching and presentation. These classes for up to 12 people. They build on the psychology of great communication and deliver the human toolkit of communication and individual coaching. They focus upon the presenters’ ability to alter their status, to deal with questions and challenge, to structure a presentation, deliver value and to work with technology. There is detailed one to one coaching and reflection time. Participants leave with action plans to ensure continued application of the skills learned.

One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching

We can work one to one with presenters as opposed to in groups. These sessions are designed in accordance with the specific needs of the individual involved and focus solely upon the objectives they are looking to achieve.

Specific Project Presentation Preparation

Specific Project Presentation Skills Preparation

We have vast experience in helping individuals and teams prepare and rehearse for specific presentations or speeches. We have worked in this style Globally at Executive level and below.

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