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One to One Communication Coaching


One to One communication coaching sessions enable individuals to focus on their specific needs. Whether it be an Executive looking to hone skills and rehearse a pitch or presentation or a team member who sees communication as vital to their development, these sessions enable personal skills to be delivered outside of the group environment.

Who should choose this solution?

Anyone who has a specific communication need or sees communication as important to their development. Leaders and team members who want to work on skills on a one to one basis as opposed to a group setting.

Why this solution is for you

You may not thrive in group environments, you may feel that organisationally it is better not to work on your skills with others, there may be specific personal detail or outcomes that you want to address. More simply, it may just suit the structure of your time.

How we do it

The sessions can be run in person or virtually. Using an online platform we are able to coach one to one from and to anywhere in the World. We start the relationship by defining desired outcomes and ensuring that the coach, coachee relationship fits. From that point we work in an organic way session to session. Sessions can be booked on a one off or series basis.

One to One Communication Coaching Modules

The contents will vary and will be personalised on your needs.

  • PERSONAL COMMUNICATION REFLECTIONS: Coaching sheets defining personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • THE FOUNDATION OF GREAT COMMUNICATION: The principles and techniques that guide great communication.
  • STATUS & CHANGING BEHAVIOUR: Changing behaviour to affect relationships and heighten performance levels.
  • COMMUNICATION & RELATIONSHIPS: Creating objectives, taking risks and collaborating in communications.

Our One to One Communication Coaching Options

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One off 90 min - Two-hour Coaching Session

One off 90 min – Two-hour Coaching Session

This one off coaching session will focus on a specific need or outcome that has been pre-discussed.

Coaching Session Series

Coaching Session Series

Usually run in blocks of 6-7 with three weeks to a month gap between sessions. The scope of this commitment allows a deep understanding of personal communication and the areas affecting it. Change and techniques can be applied over time.

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