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Leadership Communications


Leadership Communication is a key area of speciality for us.

We have over many years worked globally with leaders and helped them develop a communication style that delivers their message and vision with authenticity, clarity and impact. Our Leadership Communications Programmes help your leaders match their distinctive voice and message to your organisation.

Who should choose this solution?

We believe that Leadership is a behavioural choice not a position that is given to you. Everyone, across all levels of an organisation, is capable of being a leader and our training encourages your people to make those choices and demonstrate those behaviours.

Why this solution is for you

We are in a unique position to combine two areas in which we have unparalleled experience. There is no other organisation that can deliver practical leadership communication skills in the way that we can.

How we do it

We work with you and your leaders in a diagnostic way. We learn and understand your needs and your leaders unique skills and challenges and work with them in an entirely practical way to develop a communication style that is unique to them and authentic to both them and your organisation.

Leadership Communications Modules

Our Leadership Communications covers eight modules associated with practical leadership communication skills. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMMUNICATION STYLE: Creates self-awareness and focus on personal strengths and areas of improvement.
  • UNDERSTANDING THE AUDIENCE: Defines the focus required, relationship needed and rules that apply to any audience.
  • INSPIRING OTHERS: Practical session bringing all skills together.
  • DELIVERING BAD NEWS: Changing the focus of a delivery to deliver with empathy.
  • FACILITATING MEETING: Practical session bringing all skills together.
  • MATCHING THE DELIVERY TO THE MESSAGE: Focuses on the ability to change delivery style as required.
  • CREATING THE AUTHENTIC STYLE: Combines all the elements of the human toolkit to ensure communication is effective.
  • FINDING VARIATION IN DELIVERY: Looks at energy states and their value across all communications.

Our Leadership Communications Programmes

Do you want to discuss a programme with us? Call  +44 (0)1329 841652 or email  info@missionperformance.com

Live Coaching

Live Coaching 90/120 Minutes

We utilise the latest technology to coach content and facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge for individuals and teams. We deliver singular sessions but can also link two or more modules in a series of sessions together to meet a particular set of needs. Each session comes with a check list of key points to help you apply the learning. All our Live Coaching sessions can be delivered 24 hours across all time zones.

Two-hour Masterclass

Two-hour Leadership Communications Masterclass

Through speech, interactive facilitation and real life example we deliver some of the key themes that effect the way a leaders message is received.

Half-day workshop

Half-day Workshop

We deliver practical tools and skills that will immediately alter the way your leaders are engaging and impacting their audiences whether in speeches, meetings or one to one communications both internally and externally.

One-day Training

One-day Training

Building upon the half-day session we give more in depth coaching and feedback and allow leaders the opportunity to practice and hone their skills.

Three/Four-day training

Three/Four-day Training

These sessions combine our portfolio strengths and are Vitruvian in design. We match personality traits with behaviours, deliver detailed coaching and allow your leaders to embed their skills in pre-designed situations.

One to One Leadership Coaching

One to One Leadership Coaching

Typically seen at higher levels of management, these sessions are designed through intensive consultation, they build in depth relationships and trust with your leaders enabling us to examine all aspects of a leaders communication and its impact on their relationships.

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