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Giving and Receiving Feedback


The giving and receiving feedback class introduces the skills and techniques required to enable feedback to become a successful and vital component of you organisational culture.

Who should choose this solution?

The classes will deliver value to all organisations looking to develop or enhance a culture of feedback from intern and graduate to executive level.

Why this solution is for you

The idea of feedback is nice in principle, but unless it becomes applicable repeatable behaviour it can have little or damaging impact. We ensure that there are proven frameworks to guide behaviour in delivering feedback and that behaviour is supported by great communication technique

How we do it

We ensure that participants understand the value of feedback both from an organisational and individual level. That there are proven frameworks to guide behaviour in delivering feedback and that that behaviour is supported by great communication technique. The class is practical in nature and uses pre designed examples.

Giving and Receiving Feedback Modules

Our Giving and Receiving Feedback covers four modules associated with proven frameworks to guide behaviour in delivering feedback. All our modules are available through Live Coaching or as part of our programmes. See all our programmes below.

  • THE VALUE OF FEEDBACK: Understanding the impact of feedback on both individuals and organisational cultures.
  • THE SBI MODEL: Codifying and developing a clear structure for delivering feedback.
  • ACTIVE LISTENING: Practical exercies and methods to endorse personal listening effectiveness.
  • FEEDBACK IN PRACTICE: Practical exercises putting skills into practice.

Our Giving and Receiving Feedback Programmes

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Live Coaching

Live Coaching 90/120 Minutes

We utilise the latest technology to coach content and facilitate the sharing and application of knowledge for individuals and teams. We deliver singular sessions but can also link two or more modules in a series of sessions together to meet a particular set of needs. Each session comes with a check list of key points to help you apply the learning. All our Live Coaching sessions can be delivered 24 hours across all time zones.

Two-hour Feedback Masterclass

Two-hour Leadership Communication Masterclass

The Masterclass demonstrates the effectiveness of feedback set against a series of frameworks. It offers insight and examples of applicable behaviours.

Half-day Feedback Workshop

Half-day Feedback Workshop

This session is practical throughout. Participants will understand the value of feedback and be able to deliver and receive it with good technique up, down and across a team or organisation.

One-day Feedback Training

One-day Feedback Training

This builds upon the skills and puts them into practice in pre designed real organisational scenarios.

Bespoke Team Feedback

Bespoke Team Feedback

He session can be designed to address the requirements and needs of a particular team. These sessions require detailed design and consultation and are delivered to meet pre defined objectives.

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