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We are specialists in Experiential Learning On and Off-line

Our blended approach enables us to engage one to one and at scale. We combine exceptional face to face experiential learning with delightful micro, informal and social learning. This approach enables our clients to target their budgets more effectively. It also brings the latest technology to measure learning impact, compliance and returns on investment. Our online and offline capability extracts content from our 5 practice areas and blends them to deliver your objectives. For every project we deliver together we:

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Our Core Capabilities

Internal Coaching Capability

Investment in building an internal coaching capability is the single most powerful tool
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High Performance Teams

Creating high-performance teams is as much an art as it is a science
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Bespoke communication training for business delivered by experts in the field of performance.
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Leadership Development

Nurturing Leadership in Your Organisation.
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Human Factors Training

Creating a Safety Critical Culture
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Our Tools

We are accredited to deliver a range of supporting tools for your programmes.

We believe that tools are only as good as the experience and insight of the person using them. We also believe, like Elias H Porter the creator of the Strength Deployment Inventory, that tools are there to empower the individual to take ownership of their behaviour and so reduce dependency on external experts.

We have also developed two of our own tools. CCI-Q to provide an evidence based approach to building high performance teams and FitToLead to provide mobile learning support for long term behaviour change.

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High-performance teams have clarity, a well-developed culture and mature independent people that choose to work interdependently to get things done.

Fit To Lead

FitToLead (FTL) is a web-based application based on insights from Neuroscience on how our brains learn new things (behaviours and practices) and unlearn ‘old’ habits. Neuroscience has progressed tremendously in recent years and we now know that the brain is highly ‘plastic’.

Kouzes and Posner – Leadership Practices Inventory

We like the measurable, learnable and teachable set of behaviours it introduces to become a better leader. We also like the fact that it is one on the most widely used and validated approaches in the market.


What is the Team Management Profile?

The Team Management Profile is used to underpin our work with intact teams trying to understand how their team roles and preferences contribute to organisational performance and how they can deliberately modify their behaviours to get better outcomes.


An innovative tool to explore/coach mental toughness and resilience and how we as leaders and teams can develop it for competitive advantage.

EQi 2.0

The most versatile, reliable and validated tool to measure and develop Emotional Intelligence. It measures a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves; develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. This skills feedback is then turned into insightful and actionable suggestions for improvement.

SDI – Strength Deployment Inventory

The Strength Deployment Inventory is used to accelerate relationship building and team cohesion.

Hogan Development Survey HDS (Darkside)

The ‘Dark Side’ of personality can often derail careers and limit team and organisational performance.

The Hogan Development Survey identifies 11 such patterns of dysfunctional, interpersonal, leadership behaviour. We use the HDS survey as part of our senior manager/executive coaching & development services, where the price of leader derailment is disproportionately large.

The Myers & Briggs Foundation

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