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Learning Mission

Our ‘Learning Mission’ approach is guided by the latest insights from neuroscience research. We know that the brain is highly ‘plastic’ – our brain learns new things (behaviours and practices) and unlearns ‘old’ habits – meaning: people can truly ‘anchor’ new practices and behaviours and make them part of their DNA. Thus, we have worked closely with neuroscience researchers to design our methods of learning and modes of engagement that make the change of behaviour or attitude more successful and long lasting.

Learning Mission Modes of Engagement

Face to Face

Experiential programmes facilitated by exceptional human beings that you can touch and interact with, how novel is that?

Live Coaching

Ongoing support to implement learning on the job – remote Live Coaching based on 90-120 Minutes sessions designed for individual or teams

Mission – Hub

Micro learning meets social learning all geared around fun and informality with delightful multi-media content


Five Step Strategy to Ensure Learning and Behaviour Change

Have you ever been on a course which had great content but, after a while, you found it difficult to apply the learning? To tackle the challenge of learning a new behaviour or practice, studies show that the brain has to go through a number of different stages. What we have designed is a method that takes you through these stages in five simple steps. This Five Step Strategy ensures changes of behaviour for the things that you want to improve or the organisation wants its people to adopt more widely.

Here are the five steps:

Step 1: Powerful Awareness

Become powerfully aware of the need to change an attitude or behaviour

Without powerful awareness of the need to change you will stay safe – preferring to do what you have always done. An extreme example might be receiving a chronic medical diagnosis that prompts a change of lifestyle. However, we prefer a gentler approach that is accessed through experiential learning linked to specific set of objectives and rooted in your context.

Step 2: Focused attention

What specifically do you want to change?

The most powerful question in any process of personal change is defining what you want. Without this clarity any changes will create a flash of early momentum and then die off like a firework. We challenge our clients to answer this question before they progress to the next step.

Step 3: Enlist support

Your support team to make the change

Making changes is easier if you are supported by friends and colleagues along the way. This means asking for and responding to feedback and sharing experiences. The Mission-Hub facilitates this support.

Step 4: Deliberate Practice

Your repeated actions to make the changes you have defined

Taking action is key to learning. Practising new skills and behaviours and choosing different attitudes in specific situations is crucial for progression. The Mission-Hub has multiple tasks and challenges embedded in each Learning Mission. When combined with live coaching in a Refresher programme increases the chances of behaviours becoming habits.

Step 5: Habit and share

Sharing your learning and experience

Teaching others and sharing knowledge and experience closes the learning loop. With the emphasis placed upon micro, informal and social learning the Mission-Hub can coordinate and force-multiply the learning across large learner populations.


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