Four Phase Approach to Company Wide Safety Culture

Human Factors

Human Factors Training
For safe drilling operations

• Tailored Human Factors Safety Culture Training
• Aligned with your existing HSE framework
• Qualified CRM Instructors (IOGP 501/2 Compliant)
• On Rig Safety Culture Coaching
• Practical, Engaging, Case Study Rich and with Simulators
• Organisational wide portfolio
• Selected by Global Drilling Service Providers

Using business as a force for good by promoting a safe environment.
Land based and
Off Shore Rig Visits
Four Phase Approach
Company wide HF Training

High Performing Safety Culture
-Senior Management HF Awareness.
-Horizontal organisational wide program.

Rig Operators – Crew Resource Management (CRM)
-All safety critical operational roles
-Practical, engaging case studies, simulations and action plans Vertical by rig crews.

CRM Rig Coaching
-Targeting priority safety concerns.
-Focus on practical application of learning.

Refresher Training
-Re-certification every 24 months.