1. Design & Method

How we design programs together:

Stage 1: Our first meeting will include a specialist from each of our 4 Pillars. We use our proprietary process honed over 20 years to ensure that we gather as much intelligence about your context as we can. Any information that will inform any solution we might go on to deliver will be collated and turned into a discussion framework. This will ensure that we have understood the brief and answered the right question or solved the right problem.

Stage 2: The team from stage 1 will now form the design and delivery team. We will present our joint proposal and once agreed; we will begin the design process.

Stage 3: Depending on the program's nature, we will interview key stakeholders, leaders, team members and get an accurate picture of where we are starting from. This may include semi-structured interviews or focus groups.

Stage 4: Working with you, we will then produce a first draft and earn organisational buy-in and sponsorship to ensure that any changes are supported and diarised with appropriate expectations exchanged.

Stage 5: Pilot delivery begins with feedback captured and fed into the subsequent delivery. Ongoing reviews and feedback and wider stakeholder engagement follow to ensure we clear a path to the application and ongoing support.

What is your 4-Pillar Methodology?

We have 4 interconnected Pillars. Powerful and highly effective on their own, but when combined, they force multiply the impact we achieve with our programs. You will experience this from the very first moment you engage with us. (See Design above) We blend the 4 Pillars to meet any people or performance-related challenge or opportunity. We rarely if ever go outside of the team for external support.

What countries have you worked in?

We deliver extensively across Asia, Europe, USA and South America, China, Canada, Africa on 6 of the 7 continents.

What markets and industries do you have experience of?

Manufacturing, Defence, Oil and Gas, Energy, Insurance, Banking, Public Sector, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Advertising, Medical, Professional Services, Legal, Accountancy, Elite Sport, Leisure, Civil Engineering, NGO's, United Nations.

Do you offer qualifications?

We are an Approved ILM Centre and can qualify people at levels 3 and 5 in Leadership and Management and Coaching;

Can you accredit your services and products?

We can also accredit your Coaching experience with the EMCC (Global) - European Mentoring and Coaching Council. We have a unique virtual coaching pathway to accreditation as an EMCC Coach - up to Senior Practitioner status.

Where are you based?

Lee-On-The-Solent Hampshire for our operational and logistical hub our wider team are based across the UK, US and Canada.

What are your delivery methods?

We deliver face to face, online with the Promote platform, live Virtually with ZOOM or MSTEAMS, we teach virtually, coach virtually and facilitate and support the ongoing application of learning virtually. We develop content and material for use on our client's platforms and third-party platforms such as Mindtickle. Coaching is our default style of support, teaching and enquiry.

How much do you cost?

We have several charging models. We charge per head for open programmes, qualifications, accreditations and access to our online programs. We charge per virtual live session. We charge by the facilitator per day for face to face delivery. We project price, and we also risk share on the results we deliver together.

Do you work with SME organisations?

Yes we work with a number. We are a premium member of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and run regular conferences, action learning programs, coaching and mentoring for local businesses. We also work closely with high growth mission-critical infrastructure companies such as CCN Verevo.

Do your work in the public sector?  

Yes we have worked in County Councils and the NHS.

Do your work with Charities?

Yes we have worked with a wide range. We also raise money for charity through a variety of fundraising events.

Do you deliver online and virtually?  

Yes, both separately and as a blended program.

What are your USP's?  

Our 4 Pillar methodology that combines 4 specialist areas under one umbrella together with the team that delivers it. We are practitioners and facilitators not trainers and deliver on any platform with our proprietary virtual learning methodology.

What's different about Mission Performance?   

We combine the excitement of experiential learning with the rigour of a management consultancy and utilise our extensive experience to centre our delivery on experience based-learning. We have 30+ in-house coaches accredited with the EMCC (Global) and can coach implementation as part of our learning methodology. Our team are all guest speakers in their own right and inspire and light up a room to make learning stick. We are as good in the room as we are virtually.

Why should I choose Mission Performance?  

Your Purpose becomes our Mission. This Missionary, like zeal, pervades everything we do. We have extensive Global and Local experience and can be flexible to create a bespoke program priced on results and impact. We love and care deeply for what we do. We are innovative and open-minded.  We see opportunities for learning in almost any situation. We are Value-Based and aim to deliver more value and a depth of service for your money. We don't transact we partner.

2. To Lead

How do you define leadership ?

There are many. We like: It is all about the people and how you get the best from them.

Do you deliver resilience training?

Yes we have our own resilience methodology and learning pathway that is taught, coached and mentored virtually and face to face. Phase 1: LEADER begins with a resilience profile report which will help inform the areas for focus. Followed by a blended learning pathway it will help people to develop a set of personal practices. Phase 2: TEAM  moves to creating the environment for others to feel safe to develop their own practices coached and role modelled by the leader. We deliver this globally.

Do you work with teams of leaders ?

Yes we start with the leaders and then enable them to create the right environment for their teams to openly discuss resilience and feelings of safety and wellness. These programs are focused upon creating pyschologocal safe spaces to accelerate team learning. Team learning is the single biggest determinant in a teams' performance. We help leaders to create these safe spaces by coaching them to role model the appropriate behaviours.

Do you design and deliver Talent Programs ?  

Yes we do and have experience in designing exciting experiential programs anchored in the latest assessment technology. We deliver face to face and virtually. We build programs that encompass the mind, the body and the soul. This holistic approach is focused on the individual but focused on achieving very specific business outcomes.

Do you use Experiential learning on your programs?  

Yes, and we have built a global range of options in the UK and around the World. We take experiential learning indoors too with exercises and real play and simulations. Leading Business schools borrow our experiential options for their own clients.

Do you provide leadership qualifications ?  

Yes as an ILM Approved centre we deliver Level 3 and 5 qualifications in Leadership and Management at award and certification level. We have an in-house Academy team with extensive experience in designing bespoke qualification journeys. We can tailor qualifications to the needs of the organisation and the learner. We do not do standard ILM off the shelf qualifications we tailor them with and for you.

Do you profiling and assessment tools ?  

Yes we are qualified to master level in a range of tools. For example we deploy: SDI2.0, EQI 2.0, Neurocolor, TMP (TMSDI), MBTI, MTQ48. WRAW and more. Choosing the right tool is key but how you use it is more important. We have extensive experience and have designed prodcuts to enhance the SDI experience such as the Quick Comms guides which support application post workshop.

What is your approach to Team Coaching ?   

Our approach to team coaching involves working directly with the whole team, both together and apart. Our interventions are carefully designed and chosen to ensure overall performance improves in the long term. Inevitably, this involves looking at how individuals work together within the team, how they develop collective leadership capacity, how they engage with stakeholder groups and work together externally to transform the wider business. Our process is guided by the ‘5 Disciplines model’ for high performing teams:
1. Identify Goals, Outcomes and Measures
2. Conduct and Debrief Assessments
3. Create Individual Development Plan
4. Execute and Integrate Individual Development Plan
5. Measure Progress and Sustainability. We also deploy our CCI - (Clarity Culture Interpendence) methodology to audit collective performance.

3. To Coach

What is one to one coaching?

One to one coaching put simply is a series of conversations which help people move forward positively, create change, learn or grow.

Who is it for?

One to one coaching is often provided for leaders, managers and executives in business in order to help unlock their potential, improve performance and overcome challenges. However, coaching is highly effective at all seniority levels.

What does a typical Coaching engagement look like?

You would typically engage with a Mission Performance Coach for a series of 7 coaching sessions over 6 months. The first session we call a "Personal Contracting Session" where we talk through our approach to coaching and help you to understand what is involved, get to know each other and exchange expectations. Each session thereafter would last between 1 and 2 hours and would normally focus on a specific agreed goal.

Are the coaching sessions face to face or online?

Typically, we would deliver the coaching sessions online, utlising video platforms such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or MS Teams. However, there may be opportunities to conduct the coaching session in person, at your work place or even meet to go for a walk!

Who are your Coaches?

Mission Performance Coaches are all professionally trained EMCC Practitioners and adhere to the EMCC professional coach standards. Our coaches are diverse and have a broad range of experience and have coached individuals and teams in business around the world and often in extraordinary circumstances.

What is the EMCC Practitioner qualification?

This programme is a coaching skills training course for those who wish to develop and improve their existing coaching capabilities. Successful graduates gain an internationally recognised, professionally designated Accreditation with EMCC Global at Foundation or Practitioner level. It is delivered entirely online and spans an eight-week period.

What experience do I need?

To apply for this course, we need you to have at least five years' professional experience in a role where you have been conducting one-to-one conversations with colleagues.

We do not require you to have trained as a coach or mentor, however, we do need you to have accumulated over 100 hours of experience holding developmental conversations with direct reports or other colleagues.

This can be in a formal capacity as a manager, and it can also be in an informal capacity where this kind of conversation is a part of your everyday interaction with the people around you.

This programme takes your prior experience and formalises it into a professional coaching qualification.

Over many years, we have refined the content of the programme so that it meets the needs of managers, HR professionals, consultants and independent coaches.

It is an opportunity for you to fast-track your accreditation journey with EMCC Global. On successful completion of the programme, you will gain the EMCC Practitioner level of certification.

Can i call myself a professional coach on successful completion of the programme?

Yes you can!

You will obtain the Mission Performance Certificate in Performance Coaching. And, you will gain accreditation with EMCC Global at Practitioner Level.

EMCC Global is recognised as the premiere professional body for the coaching and mentoring industry.

How long is the course?

The whole course is designed to take 30 hours. This is broken down into 8 x 2 hour online interactive and experiencial modules, supported by reflective practice, self study and 6 hours coaching practice.

How many hours will it take a week?

3-4 hours per week for 8 weeks with background reading and practice.

How will I be assessed?

Whilst there is a degree of assessment throughout the programme, we prefer not to use this word.

Rather than talking about continuous assessment, we prefer to think in terms of 'a process of supported development'.

This means that we stay with you throughout the programme, walking alongside you as you practise and learn.

The end result is that by the end of the time we've spent together, we are confident that you will be practicing at the required level.

This way of working allows us to write a short (1-page) summary of your strengths and potential areas for development, which you take away on completion.

At the end of the programme, all participants have a ‘professional dialogue’ with the course faculty which acts as an opportunity for you to confirm and consolidate you're learning.

Following this, we’ll recommend you directly to EMCC for your professional designation at Practitioner Level of accreditation.

What do people like about this program?

They like the ability to turn years of undocumented leadership, coaching and management experience gleaned on the operational front line into a globally recognised coaching accreditation.

Our programmes attract an exceptional calibre and diversity of participant. The networking, and actual time spent working together is something people always say they appreciated.

The course is highly experiential. Our approach is to provide just the right amount of theory to enable high quality practice and reflection. We supplement this with recommended reading and further study for those who wish to exceed the minimum course hours.

The course is excellent value for money. You will receive individualised attention from our lead facilitator, Tom Battye, who is one of the most highly experienced Master Practitioner executive coaches. Tom balances running this programme alongside maintaining an active portfolio of international coaching assignments.

We can run open programmes and in house programmes so you can accelerate your efforts to build the coaching culture you have often dreamt of but could not quite achieve in time and on a sensible budget.

4. To Communicate

What do you do?

We work with individuals and teams helping them be the best communicators they can be.

Who are your trainers?

All actors and performers with a careers worth of experience engaging others. All are EMCC Qualified coaches and all have vast experience working in business.

What communication skills can I learn?


How do you work?

We learn about you and offer you a programme that will deliver what you need. We work in a very practical way and leave you with practical, applicable skills that actually change behaviour.

Do I need to do anything before I attend?

Depends on the session. For some, no, for others there may be pre work that you undertake on the Promote platform.

Do you only work with leaders?

No. We work with anyone at any level of your organisation from Graduate and intern to CEO.

Can I attend on my own?

Get in touch and we will tell you about open classes we have coming up.

Can I attend with my team?


How can I attend your training?

Face to Face. Virtually. Blended. 1-1 Coaching or in groups.

How many people can attend?

We are flexible with this. Ideally, face to face up to 12 per group. Virtually up to 8 in a group. We offer Masterclass sessions to large groups.

Can you deliver virtually?

Yes. All our content can be delivered virtually.

How long do your sessions last?

Depends on what you are looking for. Typically training face to face can run from 1 - 3 days. Virtual sessions are 90 minutes long and may comprise of a number of modules.

Do you offer online support materials?

Yes. Our promote platform will aid you through your learning journey from start to finish.

Can you make my team better presenters?

Yes. We have vast experience working with presenters and have done so across the World for 10 years.

Can you help with conflict and challenging conversations?

Yes. We deliver conflict and challenge sessions face to face or virtually.

Can you help with communicating in online meetings?

Yes. Our Shine Online session gives you all the skills you need to engage and impact in the virtual World.

Have you ever worked with Sales people?

Yes. Globally for over 15 years.

Can you make people better in front of clients?

Yes. Whether they are with clients face to face, on the phone or in a virtual meeting.

What will I actually get?

The practical, applicable skills you are needing to change you and your team’s behaviour.

How do I get in touch?

Use the Get in Touch function on the website, email us direct or call our HQ.

How long will it take to get training started?

It depends on the scale of the project you are looking at. Once we meet you and get an understanding we will design specific to your needs. When we are in agreement on all content, training can begin.

Can I do it immediately?

Sure. Get in touch. We will talk through and design what you are looking for. We can be flexible to your timeframe.

Do you work outside the UK?

We have worked Globally for 20 years. We understand working in different cultures and bring experience and sensitivity to that.

Are any of your trainers women?

Yes. Half our training team are women.

Do you work with Executive teams?

Yes. We have worked Globally with organisations at Executive level.

Do you work with organisations looking to change their culture?

We have a large amount of experience working across organisations aiding cultural change.

Who will I actually work with?

The best facilitator for your project. You will meet and get to know that person before the training begins.

Will I get personal feedback?

Yes. Personal feedback is vital to changing behaviour.

What happens next?

Get in touch and will will book time to chat with you in detail and learn about what you are looking for.

Do you offer 1-1 Coaching?

Yes. All our coaches are Practitioner level EMCC coaches. Coaching is at the heart of what we do.

5. To Minimise Risk

What does minimise risk mean?

It means giving leaders and teams the tools and insights to create safe working cultures or sometimes called just cultures.  By leading and role modelling the right behaviours leaders and teams can create safe - happy and efficient working environments and in doing so minimise the risks associated with any particular task or operation. Psychological safe environments and Team Learning are all outcomes linked to the minimisation of risk. We can situate this curriculum into any program of learning for leaders and teams.

What part does Human Factors play in minimising risks?

We focus on the mitigation of Human Error and how this contributes to Operational Performance. Linked to the creation of a high performance reporting culture, where all significant events are used as the basis for learning and progression and not for punishment.

What is the scope of your Minimise Risk Portfolio?

We can deliver on any platform and in any global location to any audience or team onshore and offshore. From 90 minute teaching sessions to a full online series of modules. We deliver onsite over multiple days and utilise the latest in simulator technology to embed the learning. We are flexible and will always bespoke your delivery to your industry and align it with all other relevant programs of development if required.

How does it relate to CRM - Crew Resource Management

We use the Non-Technical skills curriculum to structure our delivery. Each is stand alone and connectable. They are:  Situation Awareness; Decision Making; Communication; Leadership/Supervision; Teamwork; Awareness of Performance Shaping Factors such as stress and fatigue. When working with specific industries we use industry related defintions. For example, when working with our energy clients we are guided by the IOGP Report 501 (2014).

How do you translate the lessons of aviation safety to other industries ?

We always design a program for the context in which it will be applied. Our work with the Energy Sectors demands that we are guided by the IOGP Report 501 (2014). When working with other sectors like aviation we align to their guidelines such as the Practical Crew Resource Management (CRM) Standards (CAP1607). Where no guidelines exist we map general principles to specific working environments. For example our work in the Civil Engineering sector requires us to align to their specific set of HSE guidelines and best practices.

What sectors do you currently work in ?

Energy; Civil Engineering; Aviation; Construction.

What formats do your programs come in?

Online modules with live Virtual Instruction; Online programs of learning; Face to face workshops; Simulator sessions of varying length and detail dependent upon the audience and their outcomes.

Can you teach online?

Yes using our proprietary approach to learning and our use of the PROMOTE platform with our partners in Sweden.

Do you use simulators to teach the lessons?

Yes dependent upon location. We have used resources in the UAE, Paris and Texas.

Give an example of how you use Minimise Risk in a client example

See case study page.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

Yes Globally on and off shore.

Can it be delivered as part of an existing program?

Yes and often given the overlap with many operational program we run for our clients.

Who is this program for?  Team members - Leaders - Complete teams - which?

For individuals, teams, supervisors and leaders on one or multiple sites on and offshore and Globally.

Do you deliver in other languages?


6. Shine Online

Is there a pilot I can attend?

Keep checking. We run pilot events. If you are leading a team and are looking to make Shine Online available to them, we can arrange a pilot for you.

Do you offer open classes?

Keep checking. We run open classes and announce them when doing this on our website and through social media.

How many people can go on it?

Shine Online is designed for up to 8 people. We can run Masterclass versions of the session for more. These sessions do not have coaching.

Who is it for?

Anyone that communicates virtually. Either internally to your people or externally to your client base.

What will I learn?

Skills, Tool and Techniques that will ensure that when working virtually, you are doing so in an engaging, impactful and professional manner.

What is the content?  

1) What you can do through your communication to ensure you are engaging people.
2) Your virtual set up – creating the right professional environment.

Why should I attend? 

Because you want to maximise the time you spend online and ensure that you are communicating in a way that will help you reach your targets.

How long does it take?  

The session is 90 minutes long. Masterclass sessions are 60 minutes long.

Do I need to prepare anything?   

Nope. Just turn up at the time of your session.

Do I need to have a camera?    

It is preferable. Cameras and the use of video are an essential part of communicating virtually.

Will I need to have my video on?     

Ideally yes. See above.

What platform is it run on?     

The session is run on zoom.

Is the meeting secure?      

Yes. The meeting will be locked and we will issue you with a private invite. We can talk to your organisation regarding all security concerns.

Do I need to have a zoom account?      

No. You will be sent an invite code. That is all you need to enter the meeting. You need to open zoom and you will be good to go.

What time of day does it happen?      

We can schedule sessions to suit your needs regardless of your time zone. Where there are open sessions, times will be announced,

Who will be running the session?       

One of our Communication Consultants. All are professional performers and EMCC qualified coaches.

Why are they the best people to teach me?       

They have all spent their careers engaging audiences live in rooms and on film. They come with huge experience and a delivery style that will ensure you take away practical skills that will help you be the best you can be.

How long will it take to get on a session?       

Contact us and we can book a session for you at short notice.

How much does it cost?        

Contact us for more details.

Does it deal with eye contact?        

Yes. You will learn how to gain eye contact and demonstrate listening with eye contact.

Will I have to present in front of others?         

No. The session is practical and interactive but you will not need to present in front of others.

Is there any homework I will have to do?         

As much or little as you like. It is important to use the skills after the session. That’s your homework.

Will it teach me skills I can use with clients?          


Will it teach me skills I can use with my teams?        


Will it teach me skills I can use with my family?        


Will it make me look less bored?      

Yes. We will give you vocal and physical skills that will help you to remain looking engaged in sessions.

Will it make me sound less boring?     

Yes. We will give you vocal skills that will help you to sound engaging in sessions.

Will it teach me how to look and sound interesting online?     


Will it make me more confident?     

We cannot guarantee to make you more confident. We will however give you skills that will ensure that you have confidence that what you are doing is working.

Does it cover presentation skills?    

This is not a presentation class. We run one of those and get in touch to learn more. Many of the skills and tools you will learn will however be of value when you are presenting.

Will it stop me getting zoom fatigue?    

There is no magic bullet to avoiding zoom fatigue. We will however give you tools that will help you and your team mitigate for this through the way you plan and run your online sessions.

Will it stop me giving others zoom fatigue?    

If by that you mean, will I appear more engaging and help the energy and rhythm in meetings, then yes.

Will it cover how to pitch online?    

See above answer on presenting.

Do I need to come on it with my team?    

You don’t have to but we would love to work with your team. Contact us for more information regarding how to book.

Will I be able to use the skills I learn instantly?    

Yes. That is the beauty of the class. It is imperative that you do use them immediately.

How many people will be in the group?  

The class size is up to 8 people.

Will I have to participate, or can I just watch? 

This is an interactive session. No watching allowed. (it’s not a great spectator sport anyhow).

Are there any support materials?  

Yes. The session can be run and supported by our Promote learning platform. With this you and your team will receive additional materials, and resources that enhance your learning experience. Speak to us to find out more.

Will I need to make notes?   

Up to you. Not essential but you may find it of value. It is important that the tools you receive are practical and not cerebral.

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