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Coach Certification and Accreditation Programme

Mission Performance – EMCC Practitioner Coach Development Programme

EMCC Practitioner Programme - EQA20200266

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This is an EMCC-accredited online training programme, designed to fast-track your journey from experienced people manager to professionally accredited coach. We take full account of your prior experience and learning within our overall assessment. Successful graduates gain an internationally recognised, professionally designated accreditation with the professional body for coaching, EMCC Global.

What level is this training?

The course is delivered at EMCC Global’s Practitioner level of competence. This has been assessed to be equivalent to Level 5 on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF-LLL) and it is equivalent to the International Coach Federation’s Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Depending on your level of experience and capacity to commit yourself to the learning journey you will be awarded either Foundation or Practitioner level accreditation on completion.

Is this programme for me?

Yes, if you have a minimum of five years’ experience as a manager, team leader or HR professional, holding 1:1 developmental conversations with your direct reports or colleagues.

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What is the aim of the programme?

The aim of the programme is for participants to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to
coach effectively in any context.
Participants will learn…

  • – The difference between coaching, mentoring and other styles of intervention.
  • – How to apply EMCC’s Practitioner level coaching competencies.
  • – Advanced listening and questioning skills.
  • – The value and application of contracting in coaching relationships.
  • – How to structure coaching conversations to ensure positive outcomes.
  • – Psychological theory to support a coaching mindset.
  • – The value of supervision, CPD and reflective practice

Module Content

Every module is highly interactive and includes practice breakout sessions.

The design of the programme is flexible and subject to continuous improvement.

What is the total duration of the programme?

6 months.

How much of my time will it take?

The course has a total qualification time of 75 hours. This includes all homework and practice.


We apply an experiential learning methodology. Modules are spaced carefully to ensure
participants have time to work with practise clients and gather valuable feedback.


On successful completion of all programme components, participants have a ‘Professional
Dialogue’ with the course faculty. This acts as an opportunity for you to confirm and consolidate
you’re learning. Following this, we’ll recommend you directly to EMCC for your professional
designation at Foundation or Practitioner Level of accreditation.

Ongoing Support and Supervision

Learners will benefit from 1:1 attention, personalised feedback, and group coaching supervision.

About Us

Mission Performance is a market leader in delivering accredited coach training programs to
EMCC Foundation, Practitioner and Senior Practitioner Levels, globally.

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