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Do We Thank Our Employees Enough?

As America take this day to give thanks to everything they are grateful for, it is easy to see how effective a simple thank you can be. However, how many times have you been in a situation where you felt like you weren’t given enough credit for the work you put in? My guess is more times than you can count. The truth is, a simple yet sincere ‘thank you’ is often all it takes to prevent employees feeling this way and keeping them motivated to keep working hard. So, why don’t we do it enough?

We must find time to stop and say thank you to the people who make a difference in our lives

John F. Kennedy

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Famously, Richard Branson advises that business owners should put their employees first, followed by their customers and then followed by the shareholders. This philosophy is based on the premise that employees are the face of your business. As the customer’s first point of call with you as a business, if you don’t look after them, they won’t promote your brand in the way in which you want them to. This could have a potentially fatal impact.

It may be easy to fall into the trap of associating monetary awards as a form of thank you. However, research proves that money ranks below empathetic gratitude for employees when taking into consideration a job role. When NBC asked 2650 adults about kindness in their ‘NBC News State of Kindness poll’, 70% said they would forgo a 10% raise to have a kinder boss. This, possibly new, way of thinking comes as employers are being put under increasing pressure by the next generation workforce to take into account factors such as employee well-being and personal development. All of which coincides with the rise in awareness on the importance of mental health.

Is it as Easy as it Sounds?

In our defence, it may not be as simple as it sounds. Simply saying thank you, no matter how sincere, can become meaningless if it’s not backed up with relevant feedback. For example, if you were asked to write up a report and in the end it took you hours to complete, meaning you may have left late that night. Imagine, if your boss looked up and simply said “thank you” and carried on what they were doing. You’d probably still not be satisfied, right? But what if your boss took the report, read it and then came back with “Thank you, I really appreciate the amount of effort that must have taken, especially the bit where … How did you manage that?”. Now that shows true gratitude. Proving that saying thank you isn’t an easy way to keep your employees engaged. Instead, it takes time and effort – not money.

More Reasons Why Saying Thank You is Important

Not yet convinced of the power of ‘thank you’? Below are even more ways that prove that showing gratitude could benefit you:

1. Protects us from the danger of a growing ego

By saying thank you, it is a simple reminder that we need the people around us. If you don’t make a conscious effort to show your appreciation for hard work, it may mean you don’t appreciate them at all. In a high performing team, all team member’s contributions are noted and respected to prevent anyone becoming ‘bigger than the team’.

2. Builds relationships

If you are taking time out of your day, just to say thank you, it shows those around you that you’re a real person and not a robot. Although it is important, to keep relationships professional without any kind of trust colleague won’t come to you with their problems and issues won’t be resolved.

3. Creates a ripple effect

If people see that you are saying thank you, they will do the same. Creating a positive team culture built around acknowledging the contribution of the whole team rather than just individuals.

4. Attracting new talent

Word of mouth is still important, especially as a result of social media. Therefore, if you have a happy and fulfilled workforce who are constantly praising your company, it’s going to be easier to attract new talent. This is especially important for new startups who don’t yet have a reputation that could give them leeway.

5. It will make you feel better

Being positive is one of the best-kept secrets in business. Saying thank you gives you the opportunity to reflect on what is going well. When you are constantly battling challenges, it is easy to lose sight of the positives but if you don’t you will fall into a trap which is likely to have a negative effect on your well-being.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog! If you have any questions feel free to contact us.




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