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We have amassed numerous examples of our work over two decades. To respect our clients we have anonymised our work together. When we meet we can discuss related projects.


UK Technology and Infrastructure Company

Organisational wide development program across all 4 pillars.

  • Location: UK
  • Audiences: Organisational wide program with Talent development and Executive team coaching
  • Format: On site tailored workshops; experiential reinforcement; tailored virtual workshops
  • Cumulative improvements in Operational performance.

  • How change the culture of an entire organisation to adopt new ideas and technological approaches.


Technology and Events Provider

Rehearsal and direction of content and delivery for virtual presenters.

  • Location: Global
  • Audiences: Sales teams
  • Format: Clients and external Presenter
  • High quality messaging and delivery in live virtual studios.

  • How to maintain the quality of high value sales presentations virtually.

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