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We have amassed numerous examples of our work over two decades. To respect our clients we have anonymised our work together. When we meet we can discuss related projects.


Top 3 UK Supermarket

A bespoke Leadership and Communications portfolio delivered to all store managers circa 250 workshops over 2 years.

  • Location: All stores in UK and Ireland
  • Audiences: Senior Managers
  • Format: 1 day workshops
  • Raising skills and knowledge capability across all areas.

  • How create and sustain a consistent approach to leadership and communication across the organisation.


Top 3 UK Supermarket Logistics and Headquarters

A Change management program to support role out of new CRM system

  • Location: UK and Ireland
  • Audiences: Middle and Senior Management
  • Format: Multiple workshops and 1 to 1 coaching
  • Successful adoption of new technology system.

  • How to accelerate the adoption and acceptance of new ways of working prompted by technological change.

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